Watch these videos to learn about MacroView DMF 365

Overview of MacroView DMF 365 (2 minutes 5 seconds)

Describes the extensions and customizations that installing MacroView DMF 365 adds to your Windows PC.

Previews of documents & emails in SharePoint (52 seconds)

MacroView DMF 365 provides formatted previews of documents and emails when you browse and search SharePoint Online, which help you to quickly find the document or email that you want to work with.

Searching for documents & emails in SharePoint (1 minute 36 seconds)

The Search panels of MacroView DMF 365 let you search for documents and emails in SharePoint Online based on their content AND their metadata, while you work in familiar applications like Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Right-click menus (1 minute 45 seconds)

The right-click menus of MacroView DMF 365 are familiar to any Windows user, and provide convenient access to a wide range of functionality relevant to managing documents and emails in SharePoint Online.  These right-click menus can also be customized to reflect the specific needs of your organization.

Viewing & navigating a SharePoint document store (2 minutes 46 seconds)

MacroView DMF 365 enables intuitive viewing and rapid navigation of a SharePoint Online document store, including stores that have large numbers of site collections.

Working in Microsoft Outlook

Drag & drop to save Outlook emails to SharePoint (2 minutes 36 seconds)

With MacroView DMF 365 you can drag and drop to save emails to SharePoint while you work in Outlook.  Email attributes such as To, From, Subject etc are automatically recorded as metadata, duplicate copies are prevented,  emails are marked as Saved to SharePoint or deleted, etc.

Bulk-saving Outlook emails to SharePoint (59 seconds)

You can save multiple Outlook emails to SharePoint Online in a single action.  The bulk save is performed in the background so that you can continue working in Outlook while the save proceeds.

Auto-filing incoming & outgoing emails (1 minute 19 seconds)

MacroView DMF 365 you can create filing rules that automate the saving of emails as they are received or sent.

Working with attachments in SharePoint (2 minutes 29 seconds)

You can drag and drop to save attachments to SharePoint, renaming as you save or saving as the next version of an existing document. You can also easily retrieve documents from SharePoint to insert them as attachments in a new outgoing email.

Working in Other Applications

Working with SharePoint documents in Microsoft Word (2 minutes 54 seconds)

Installing MacroView DMF 365 adds Open from SharePoint and Save As to SharePoint buttons to the Home tab in Microsoft Word, which makes it easy to work with documents stored in SharePoint Online.

Saving PDFs to SharePoint direct from Adobe Reader

Installing MacroView DMF 365 adds a Save to SharePoint option to Adobe Reader (and Adobe Acrobat), which makes it easy to save PDFs to SharePoint direct from Adobe Reader / Acrobat.  This save respects the metadata and versioning defined for the destination area of SharePoint Online.

 Bulk Uploading to SharePoint from Windows folders (1 minute 59 seconds)

With MacroView DMF 365 you can upload hundreds of files to SharePoint from any Windows folder in a single user action. You can efficiently capture common metadata and the upload is performed in the background so that you can continue with other tasks.

 Moving & Copying Documents in SharePoint (1 minute 45 seconds)

MacroView DMF 365 lets you drag and drop to move or copy documents between areas in SharePoint Online, or between SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-premises. Metadata is reused and versioning is maintained on moves.

Configuration and Deployment

Configuring MacroView DMF (2 minutes 23 seconds)

MacroView DMF 365 provides over 180 configuration settings, all of which are compatible with Group Policy. This makes it both highly flexible and easy to deploy.