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Out-of-the-box solution reduces stress

“I am beyond impressed. The solution works fantastic. Out of 4,500 emails, two odd ones weren’t filed, which could easily be fixed by tweaking the rules.”

Jovan Jovanovic, Founding Partner and Patent Attorney, The Watson IP Group

Customer Success Story Automating Email Filing

Founded in 2005, The Watson IP Group is a US-based legal firm providing world-class representation in all areas of patent, trademark and copyright law.

4,500+ automatically filed emails

The Watson IP Group encountered a significant challenge in the form of manual email filing, which entailed dragging and dropping each email into Dropbox.

With a client base exceeding 500, the firm sought a solution that would relieve them of this cumbersome task and automate the filing process.


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Case and Matter

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Automating Email Filing

Finding the right solution


When compared to competing solutions, The Watson IP Group discovered that only MacroView offered the ability to automate the first email for their legal needs.

Following a conversation with a MacroView sales representative, the firm chose to adopt the out-of-the-box solution, Case and Matter, which has enabled them to easily manage their legal emails.

With the system filing emails automatically and identifying incorrectly numbered files, making corrections has become a seamless process.

The added benefit of MacroView’s solutions running on Microsoft 365 has instilled a sense of confidence in The Watson IP Group, as they are able to continue their operations in the Microsoft cloud environment and access educational resources as required.

Continuing business as usual


The Watson IP Group seamlessly integrated MacroView’s solution into their existing SharePoint system without having to make any significant changes. This allowed them to continue their business as usual, with SharePoint now serving as the filing cabinet for all their data.

The integration was so smooth that they didn’t have to contact the Patent and Trademark Office, foreign associates, or clients to make any changes.

MacroView’s out-of-the-box solution Case and Matter provided the breakthrough by automating the first email and eliminating the need for manual filing of thousands of emails.

“It is the first email being automated, and by not having to drag and drop thousands of emails, that is the key.”

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Reducing daily stress

One of the primary benefits of implementing MacroView’s solution is the significant reduction of daily stress for The Watson IP Group’s team. With the ability to automatically file emails and track their status without any manual intervention, the team can focus on other crucial tasks.

Additionally, if required, the emails are still easily accessible in Outlook. According to Mr Jovanovic, who highly recommends trying the solution, the elegance and simplicity of the system make it a spectacular solution that delivers impressive results effortlessly.