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Saving a day of work every week with filing automation

“Without exaggeration, that implementation saves each claims member using the MacroView solution an estimated one day of work each week on average.”

Lee Oliver, Head of IT, The MECO Group

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The MECO Group is a trusted marine insurance products and maritime consultancy provider. Their expertise is in providing branded marine insurance products, supported by their global team of maritime and legal professionals.

Overcoming time and resource intensive manual filing

Lee Oliver joined the MECO Group as Head of IT in 2020. Having worked in the IT industry for nearly three decades, Lee aimed to improve the status quo.

He knew SharePoint was the way forward but using it only as a document repository was not using it to its fullest extent.

The Claims Department within MECO Group used a legacy system for filing correspondence against each relevant claim.

Every email needed to be filed individually, which was time and resource intensive.


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Unlocking the potential of SharePoint as a document management platform


MacroView offered a bespoke solution that could provide an indexed, fully searchable solution, directly out of Outlook.

When the project started, files were in many locations, such as SharePoint, Windows Explorer and individual inboxes. Implementing MacroView DMS Pro and Managed Filing with a custom metadata capture system transformed the way the MECO Group captured data, and enabled teams to archive emails via Microsoft Outlook into Microsoft SharePoint and share them across teams.

Customisation is key


The MECO Group required an agile partner who could help them adapt to change and remain compliant with regulations, and MacroView was the ideal choice.

MacroView’s approach of developing products together with their clients ensures that requirements are met and solutions are tailored to specific needs. Their team of developers and support staff work seamlessly to provide bespoke solutions and constantly bounce ideas off each other.

Together, they implemented a solution to automate the addition and updating of case data within SharePoint, saving each claims member roughly one day per week on average. The solution has improved the accuracy and efficiency of filing correspondence, including documents.

“I like working with a provider willing to develop a product together. If a requirement is unavailable, MacroView will develop it.”

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Shifting to automation enables more productivity

The MECO Group can now handle larger claim correspondence volumes with ease, thanks to the implementation of MacroView’s solutions. This has increased productivity and efficiency, allowing colleagues to focus on their core business.

The company plans to utilise MacroView’s solutions to enable more efficiencies and will begin by reviewing their internal procedures and processes. The next project on their agenda is developing an integrated solution with Microsoft 365.