Partnership adds tremendous value add to desktop solution

“I saw the opportunities for a systems integration consultant like us to enhance, customise and configure it. The XML search panels, the simple ability to brand it ourselves. The tremendous configurability of MacroView DMS was extremely appealing.”

Kevin Abel, Co-Founder and Executive Director, REALTY|share

Seizing The Partnership

REALTY|share is the only Microsoft Office 365 document management and portal solution built exclusively for real estate companies, allowing them to leverage their investment in the Microsoft platform.

Boosting investments in Microsoft 365

For nearly three decades, Abel Solutions has been specialising in SharePoint implementation for companies across all industries. Their success in the real estate sector led to the creation of a separate division in 2020, REALTY|share.

REALTY|share empowers real estate professionals to work efficiently by focusing on three critical areas:

  1. Real Estate Taxonomy
  2. SharePoint Implementation
  3. Document Migration



DMS, white labelled

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What makes MacroView DMS special

Having worked with SharePoint products for over 20 years, the REALTY|share team has a deep understanding of the strengths and limitations of the platform. One of the major limitations has always been the lack of desktop access, which makes it difficult for users to save and integrate files from desktop applications such as Outlook.

After exploring various third-party products, REALTY|share was introduced to MacroView DMS by one of their clients. The team was impressed with the product’s capabilities and contacted MacroView for a demo. The demo reinforced the tremendous value add of the solution and presented an opportunity for REALTY|share to incorporate it into their REALTY|share Desktop solution as a system integrator.

Macroview Icons Revenue Stream

Improved SharePoint usability

Macroview Icons Filter


Macroview Icons Configuration

Integration with Microsoft 365

Macroview Icons Search

Enhanced search capabilities

The partnership


REALTY|share values its strong relationship with MacroView. The team appreciates being able to discuss roadblocks with the CEO and resolve them quickly. To ensure everyone is on the same page, the two companies stay in touch on a three-month cadence.

Through these regular check-ins, REALTY|share provides feedback to MacroView about any features that could benefit their clients. In turn, MacroView uses this feedback to gain insights and ideas for product innovations or enhancements, creating a mutually beneficial partnership between the two companies.

“The MacroView team has been terrific and incredibly responsive to all my requests.”