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“MacroView Generator shines when preparing larger documents. We are significantly reducing processing time from five days to four hours.”

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Like many organisations, this leading financial services firm struggled to manage its information in one place. Valuable knowledge was often confined to specific individuals, resulting in outdated content, inconsistent branding, and non-compliance with the company’s style guide.

Consolidating and managing content in one place

A new employee highlighted the need for a more efficient process, as it took too much time to gather basic content and format standard compliance documents.

To streamline their approach, the company standardised their content and collated a large content library. This process revealed a few key documents that were regularly used. These documents were converted into a “shopping cart” of drafting options using MacroView Generator and MacroView’s document automation specialists.

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World-class document automation capabilities


MacroView collaborated with the client to create a suite of brand-compliant templates in Microsoft Word, using Microsoft Content Controls. These intuitive controls allow users to work through their documents seamlessly, with prompts for inputs appearing in context.

The linked controls also mean that users only need to enter a piece of information once, which is then propagated throughout the entire document and package of documents.

As critical documents are often time-sensitive, having the correct templates on-hand saves time that would have otherwise been spent searching through a file share for the appropriate document.

Configuring for optimal user experience


MacroView worked closely with the client to configure the environment for optimal user experience. The project involved addressing numerous challenges and fine-tuning along the way.

The project leader noted the need to manage change by giving users time to adjust and trial the templates, addressing their concerns as they arose. More than 100 email comments were received for changes made to the footer of one key document alone.

“To stay agile, we needed to think in squiggly lines rather than take a linear approach.”

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Optimising the level of document automation for users


Gaining acceptance for the new system required time and effort from the project leader who delivered multiple presentations and listened to stakeholders’ needs. This effort paid off as users found the system intuitive and user-friendly.

After the initial success with the first templates, the focus shifted to additional documents, including checklists, letters, management papers, and various other templates and content.

Making sure that the content library was comprehensive enough for users to trust as their single source of truth whilst being flexible enough to adapt different content to the needs of the drafting situation was always a key focus.

The other focus was managing the fine line between providing users with the right balance of document automation without over-engineering the technical solution.