Great user experience is key to user adoption

“Having a system that is easy-to-use and easy to understand has helped greatly in ensuring that our users adopt the new solution.”

Frank Keesen, CIO, Mazars Netherlands

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Mazars Netherlands is part of the Mazars Group, with 15,000 professionals active in 74 countries. Mazars specialises in accountancy, tax and advisory services.

Using its specialised knowledge in these areas, Mazars assists international and domestic companies, public sector organisations, SMEs, entrepreneurs and high net-worth individuals. Mazars wants to inspire and analyse, create and control, innovate and evaluate. With its enterprising approach, Mazars creates value for its clients.

Anywhere, anytime access to files

Mazars Netherlands required an email and document solution that provided 24/7 access for its 600+ professionals working in 10 offices in the Netherlands.

The solution needed to be easy to use and tightly integrated with Microsoft 365 apps, including Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


Document Management
Email Management


Managed Filing
Auto Numbering
Enhanced Versioning
Custom CRM Integration

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Choosing the right solution

After evaluating a range of document management offerings in the market, Mazars decided to implement MacroView DMS Pro with a range of optional add-ons.

DMS Pro provided integration with Microsoft 365 and the user-friendly experience that Mazars was seeking, while the Auto Numbering and Enhanced Versioning add-ons provided complete control for advanced document management users.

Mazars also opted for the Managed Filing add-on, allowing them to automatically file emails to SharePoint in the right locations as Outlook received them.

Macroview Icons Dms

DMS Pro allows you to open, save and view SharePoint files directly within Microsoft 365 apps

Macroview Icons Calculator

Auto Numbering gives you complete control over document numbering

Macroview Icons Life Cycle

Enhanced Versioning provides additional version control features found in traditional DM systems

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Managed Filing boosts productivity with automatic email filing to SharePoint

So You Want To Save Outlook Emails To Sharepoint Too

Complete integration with CRM software

MacroView worked closely with Mazars to develop a custom integration with their Oracle-based CRM system to automatically create and provision a SharePoint site as a new Client record was made.

The integration allowed Mazars to ensure consistency in each Client site and completely removed the complexity of the creation process and the risk involved in configuration.

Save document and email records to SharePoint

Excellent customer support

Working with MacroView and their local partner GeOne gave Mazars confidence that their solution would roll out on time. Mazars CIO Frank Keesen said:

“GeOne, MacroView’s Benelux partner, assisted with the implementation of the new solution. MacroView also provided support as required. The combination of GeOne and MacroView worked well for us. Assistance from GeOne enabled us to implement the new system very quickly and successfully. We found that the support from MacroView was also very professional and that their services met our expectations and our quality standards.”