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Enabling remote working

“We have reduced our footprint by 25% by eliminating most of the file cabinets. I haven’t had to retain any paper documents since we introduced MacroView.”

Patrick Fulton, Co-Founder and Attorney, Fulton, Devlin & Powers, LLC

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Fulton, Devlin & Powers, LLC practices in the areas of workers’ compensation defence, insurance defence and subrogation. They represent the interests of insurance carriers, employers, and third-party administrators throughout Kentucky and Indiana.

Gaining file access from everywhere

In 2020, Fulton, Devlin & Powers, LLC aimed to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness by transitioning to electronic filing.

The firm initially created file folders on their office server, but found that better remote access and email saving capabilities were necessary.

As a solution, the firm sought external software to automate the filing process while maintaining flexibility for adding data as needed. However, many available all-in-one solutions were disqualified due to high setup costs and monthly fees.

The firm ultimately opted for a SharePoint file document store with the goal of saving all files in a single database without segregation folders. This approach required extensive manual tagging and significantly slowed down the filing process, leading to frustration among employees.


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Enabling Remote Working

Leveraging existing software investments


MacroView provided a solution to Fulton, Devlin & Powers, LLC’s need for data segregation by implementing MacroView Case and Matter with custom configuration. This solution leveraged the firm’s existing Microsoft investments and did not require additional costs for online file storage, backup, or closed file retention.

The firm found MacroView’s software to be an excellent fit as it allowed for easy selection of case types and sub-folders specific to each subject. This made initiating a file effortless, and impromptu updates were also possible. The software’s bare bones folder configuration paralleled the firm’s standard paper case files, making it easy for attorneys to navigate and locate information.

Adding crucial information via metadata


The time-efficiently retrieval of thousands of emails in the new file folders was facilitated by metadata. MacroView’s custom solution enabled automatic mandatory data tagging, with the option to add additional tags on an as-needed basis.

The existing file names did not have to change, but relevant keywords could be added to simplify the search for critical information. This made it easier to find and view correspondence, pleadings, and medical records, expediting the process of finding key documents for settlement authority and client status updates.

“It is hugely helpful if an attorney can capture metadata while filing essential emails. That makes the process faster.”

MacroView Document Management at a Glance

Searching for files got easier

Fulton, Devlin & Powers, LLC began electronic filing prior to the pandemic but completed the implementation during its peak. This transition proved particularly useful since remote work became a necessity, and electronic filing enabled employees to access necessary information from home.

Such remote access would not have been possible with paper files. As a hybrid organisation, with staff working both remotely and at the office, electronic filing ensures that employees can check on matters and stay informed even when they are away. This fosters greater work flexibility and reduces the risk of employees feeling disconnected from office matters when they are not physically present.

Advantages of using MacroView

Despite some team members’ attachment to paper files, the introduction of MacroView has enabled the reduction of file cabinets and labor involved in paper filing by 25%.

Electronic files have proved faster for those who have switched, with almost all paper able to be destroyed at the end of a case.

MacroView’s implementation success can be attributed to the custom views and setups created in collaboration with a SharePoint engineer.

The support team has been highly responsive and efficient in addressing any issues, with a reliable tracking system for progress updates. It has been several months since technical assistance was last needed, with responses typically received within 24 hours, according to the client’s feedback.

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