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Supercharge user productivity in SharePoint

“Thanks to MacroView DMS Pro, user productivity was restored, even improved in several situations. That in turn has helped to make our new SharePoint–based document management a success. Without DMS Pro, we believe we would have backed out of our implementation which is hard to imagine at this point.”

Mark Buttice, CIO, Employers Council

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Despite careful planning, design and change management, moving to a new SharePoint-based document and email management solution at Employers Council was nearly a disaster.

Within weeks of implementation, Employers Council users complained that the out-of-the-box SharePoint interface in Microsoft Office made it much more difficult to perform routine document and email handling tasks. Many users reported that the new SharePoint-based filing system quadrupled the time it took to do their jobs.

MacroView DMS Pro instantly boosts usability

Employers Council deployed MacroView DMS Pro and found that user productivity was restored almost immediately and, in some cases, even improved compared to the previous file share and Outlook folder environment. A further benefit of DMS Pro was a marked improvement in capturing necessary metadata.

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Making SharePoint feel familiar

Employers Council liked how DMS Pro provided them with an accurate and intuitive tree-view display of the SharePoint hierarchy, making SharePoint feel similar to Windows File Explorer and Outlook folders.

The familiar look and feel of DMS Pro meant users could instantly interact with their files in SharePoint while working in the same Microsoft and Adobe apps they use daily, including Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Adobe Acrobat.

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Improved SharePoint usability

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Improved metadata quality

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Enhanced search capabilities

Capture accurate metadata effortlessly


By automatically capturing standard document and email metadata and prompting users for any additional custom fields at the time of upload, DMS ensures that files are easily categorised and searchable.

The out-of-the-box SharePoint interface did not prompt for metadata as users uploaded multiple documents, so staff would forget to go back into SharePoint and update them. As a result, the carefully designed metadata structure often missed vital data. DMS Pro eliminated this failure to capture metadata by prompting users to enter these details during uploading and providing the ability to bulk apply the same metadata for multiple file uploads.

“DMS Pro metadata capture reduced user input actions by over 60% and directly increased the adoption and user satisfaction of SharePoint.”