From Challenges to Efficiency: Antea Group’s Journey with MacroView DMS in Email Management 

“Integration with Outlook is crucial for us as we handle 10,000-15,000 projects annually. MacroView DMS’s navigation is familiar, allowing easy access to project lists. Users can effortlessly drag and drop emails for quick retrieval.”

Ruud Bax, Microsoft 365 Application Manager, Antea Group

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Antea Group, a leading company in sustainable living solutions with a global presence and 1500 employees in the Netherlands, specialises in diverse projects, including infrastructure and environmental initiatives. 

Challenge: Email archiving hurdles 

Before adopting MacroView, Antea Group faced challenges in archiving and managing emails efficiently, especially after transitioning to Microsoft 365.

With their previous system, users were able to archive and manage emails but Microsoft 365 lacked the capabilities to archive emails comprehensively, posing a risk of data loss and hindering collaboration.

The company needed a solution that aligned with user expectations and facilitated seamless email management, across the diverse and numerous projects the company managed. 

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Solution: A user-friendly interface for effective email archiving and retrieval 


After evaluating several options, Antea Group chose MacroView DMS’s familiarity and user-friendly interface.

The integration with Microsoft 365 and the ability to maintain a structured project hierarchy within Outlook were key factors in the decision-making process.

The implementation of MacroView DMS aimed to address the critical need for effective email archiving and retrieval within the organisation. 

Implementation and Rollout:  


MacroView’s evaluation and deployment proceeded smoothly, with Antea Group choosing a self-sufficient approach in learning the system. Support during the evaluation phase ensured a seamless transition. The rollout to approximately 1500 users was trouble-free, with minimal queries or issues reported. 

We’ve been using MacroView DMS actively for over a year now, and we hardly have any complaints from the user base. Apparently, it does what it should do.
– Ruud Bax, Microsoft 365 Application Manager, Antea Group 

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User feedback and productivity:  


Post-implementation, user feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with minimal help requests or issues reported. The adoption of MacroView significantly improved the archiving process, eliminating concerns about data loss and ensuring the preservation of crucial project information.  

The familiarity of the interface made it a seamless transition from their previous system. 

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Enhanced user navigation: 


Antea Group’s users heavily rely on MacroView DMS’s navigation, leveraging project-specific knowledge and the search function for efficient project location. MacroView DMS’s navigation feature provides essential information through the email or file name, eliminating the initial need for metadata. The tree structure and chronological organisation based on naming conventions have further enhanced user navigation. 

Ongoing partnership: 


“The deployment went remarkably well, with minimal help requests. We did not expect such a smooth transition, considering our large user base.” – Jasper Bakker, Microsoft 365 Business Consultant 

Antea Group’s partnership with MacroView has resulted in a successful email management solution that aligns with user expectations and business requirements. The implementation has significantly improved the archiving and retrieval process, contributing to enhanced productivity across the organisation.  

 As Antea Group continues to grow and evolve, the company remains open to exploring additional MacroView products that can further streamline its document management workflows.