Transforming Document Management with MacroView

“I had been used to various document management systems in my legal career, but we needed something that was user-friendly and integrated well with our existing systems. MacroView within SharePoint seemed to offer just that.”  – Norman Fox, Co-founder, Aequitas Group 

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Aequitas Group, a property investment and advisory business, was struggling with document management inefficiencies, scattered files, and inconsistent filing practices.  

Seeking a solution that offered familiarity, functionality, and compatibility within their SharePoint environment, they discovered MacroView. This case study explores Aequitas Group’s journey from MacroView implementation to its impact on the firm’s document management practices. 


Initial Challenges

Before MacroView, the firm struggled with file uniformity and naming conventions. Employees stored files on personal drives, making collaboration difficult. Aequitas Group recognised the need to shift users’ mindset towards centralised and standardised document management. They wanted a system where files were easily accessible and visible to all team members. 

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Easier Document Retrieval

MacroView DMS supercharges Microsoft SharePoint with streamlined document and email management, automating tasks and freeing your business to prioritise crucial work.

Solution: MacroView 


1. Implementation and User Training 

Aequitas Group implemented MacroView, providing an all-round solution within the familiar SharePoint environment.  

The team received training on search techniques to build their confidence in finding documents efficiently. Standardised file locations and automatic filing improved team collaboration and simplified the process of organising and storing project-related emails. 


2. Positive Results and User Satisfaction 

With MacroView integrated within SharePoint, the firm saw significant improvements. The structured file system within MacroView’s project folders simplified document access and employees found the system intuitive and efficient. 


3. Customer Support 

The firm commends the exceptional support from the MacroView team. They receive quick responses and personalised assistance, which contrast with experiences from other systems. 


“When we do want support, we seem to be able to get it very quickly… It’s all actual people behind the keyboards.”
– Norman Fox, Co-founder, Aequitas Group 

Recommendation to other companies:  


The firm’s advice to others considering document management systems is clear: leverage existing infrastructure like Microsoft’s and opt for solutions that evolve with technology, like MacroView DMS 

A new person joined and… said, ‘well, this is just wonderful.’ She’s never worked in a place that had these kinds of systems.
Norman Fox, Co-founder, Aequitas Group