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Streamline your SharePoint Metadata, Views, Content Types and Columns easily with MacroView Standardiser  

Outlook SharePoint Integration

Bulk Convert Existing Emails

MacroView Standardiser is an stsadm utility that will work through all the document libraries in a SharePoint site (or tree of sites) processing all the emails that are stored in those libraries so that they have the same format, naming and metadata treatment as emails that have been saved using MacroView DMF (or MacroView Message or MacroView Case & Matter).

This makes Standardiser a great tool when you are migrating large numbers of emails to SharePoint, or when you are switching to MacroView from some other email management add-on.

MacroView Standardiser can bulk-process existing emails to:

  • Convert to MSG format, with MacroView standard naming
  • Apply the Email content type
  • Automatically record email attributes as metadata

Standardiser can also update the mvAttachCount metadata column for MSG files so that it contains an accurate count of attachments for the corresponding email. This feature is useful in cases where the attachment count is inaccurate because it includes any embedded images (as distinct from actual attachments).

Contact MacroView for more information about accessing this command on a no-cost basis.

Bulk Update Library Structures

MacroView Standardiser can also bulk process all the libraries in a SharePoint site (or tree of sites) so that their structure is updated. This makes Standardiser a handy tool for SharePoint Administrators needing to maintain an existing SharePoint environment.  Tasks that are normally performed individually in the browser are now able to be batched and left to run unattended.

MacroView Standardiser has a range of maintenance commands:

  • Add a new Content Type
  • Copy contents from one library to another
  • Add a new View
  • Remove an existing View
  • Adjust the Default View
  • Copy an existing metadata column
  • Rename an existing metadata column
  • Remove an existing metadata column

Note: Not all features and functionality are available in the online version of SharePoint.