Migrate Public Folders to SharePoint with confidence using tools designed for large email volumes and ease of use

Refine and update your Public Folder structure as you migrate

Create a consistent SharePoint environment with automatic email metadata capture

Designed for environments of any size

Macroview Bloated Mailboxes

Bloated public folders and shared mailboxes?

Many organisations struggle with bloated public folders and shared mailboxes, particularly in a hybrid and cloud-first world. This presents challenges when considering handling legacy, out-of-support on-premises Microsoft Exchange Server installations.

Migrating emails to SharePoint is the answer.

Better email management in SharePoint

Macroview Icons Document Migration

Migrate into SharePoint, Teams or OneDrive

Macroview Icons Tips And Tricks

Scan and analyse your Public Folder store before migration

Macroview Icons Provisioning

Update your Public Folder structure as you migrate

Macroview Icons Mail

Migrate emails and attachments

Macroview Icons Metadata

Automatically extract and record email metadata

Macroview Icons Server

Eliminate duplicate items to reduce clutter and storage

Macroview Icons Web

View emails on devices without Outlook

Work with migrated emails in Outlook with MacroView DMS

Work with migrated emails in Outlook with MacroView DMS

Access migrated emails directly from Outlook
Provide a seamless transition for users
Easily find emails and attachments based on metadata and content
Store related emails and documents in one place

Need to migrate Outlook content or files from a file share?


Public Folder Migration is just the start of what our Macroview Migration can do. We’ve got a powerful suite of migration tools that can transform your document and email management capabilities.


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