Have confidence in your business communications and ensure complete brand compliance with Email Signature Management

Central management of email signatures ensures consistency and compliance

Standardise email signatures across your entire organisation

Create and deploy different email signatures across brands or locations

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Inconsistent branding and time-consuming deployment?

Managing email signatures and related campaigns has always been challenging for marketing departments, particularly for organisations with multiple locations, brands and languages.

This has been further complicated by initiatives such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union, elevating the challenge beyond simple brand compliance to a risk management issue.

Design, deploy and maintain

Design, deploy and maintain

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Complete control over design, format and content

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Take charge of brand compliance

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Easy central management

Complete control in Microsoft 365

Macroview Icons Doc Gen

Standardise email signatures with design incorporating styles for font type, size, colour, logo, images and hyperlinks

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Create and deploy different email signatures for specific locations, brands, groups and/or languages across the whole organisation

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Automatically populate contact details and user profile information from existing sources, such as Active Directory

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Effectively manage compliance with legal disclaimers for different jurisdictions

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Manage campaigns in real-time and ensure 100% brand compliance