MacroView software and services enable a wide range of solutions for generating and managing documents and emails

SharePoint Email Management

Email Management

MacroView Message and MacroView DMF® overcome one of the most frustrating aspects of Out-Of-the-Box SharePoint: its integration with Microsoft Outlook. This impacts heavily on managing emails in SharePoint and results in poor user adoption when SharePoint is introduced in an attempt to improve the management of emails. See “So You Want to Save Outlook Emails in SharePoint“.

MacroView Message and MacroView DMF have successfully enabled email management to be moved to SharePoint from Outlook private folders (PSTs) and Public Folders.

MacroView Message and MacroView DMF provide all the functionality that you would expect based on other Outlook add-ins for SharePoint, but also many features that users appreciate when they start using SharePoint for managing their emails and attachments. See “I can drag and drop to save Outlook emails to SharePoint, but I want more“.

SharePoint Document Automation & Generation

Document Management

MacroView DMF  dramatically improves the user experience document management with Microsoft SharePoint – both On-premises and Online.

Key to that improved experience is that MacroView DMF lets you work in the rich-client applications that you use everyday – Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Reader / Acrobat and Windows itself.   The MacroView DMF tree-view makes working with a SharePoint document store as familiar as working with a folder structure in a Windows file share or in Outlook.

MacroView DMF and its range of optional modules extend and enhance the native document management capabilities of SharePoint.  Solutions created in this way are an attractive alternative to a traditional DM system – they have the equivalent DM functionality but also the web-based collaboration advantages of SharePoint, especially SharePoint Online.

SharePoint Document Automation

Legal DM Solutions

MacroView has been creating document solutions for law firms for over 20 years and has extensive experience with integrating with the traditional DM systems in use in law firms. That experience has informed the design and development of MacroView DMF and its range of optional modules.  Today MacroView DMF is the most implemented legal DM system on SharePoint.

We created MacroView Case & Matter to provide legal departments and law firms with an install-and-go solution based on MacroView DMF. MacroView Case & Matter benefits from MacroView’s world-class expertise with document automation.

In addition to software, MacroView can offer the Professional Services to enable a legal DM solution that meets the needs of your firm or legal department.

See Legal DM Solutions for more details.


Generating Documents That Comply

These days organizations need more from their document generation facilities than just high productivity – the generated documents must also comply with:

  • Corporate branding and style standards
  • Relevant legislation and regulations
  • Internal best-practice policies and procedures

MacroView software and services enables solutions that satisfy these compliance requirements, while at the same time maintaining high levels of user productivity and engagement.

An important feature of these solutions is that they are designed to facilitate on-going maintenance by a customer – many adjustments do not require assistance from MacroView.  For more information see MacroView ClauseBank® and Office Template Solutions.


Enterprise Content Management

By overcoming the limitations in the functionality and user experience that SharePoint provides out-of-the-box, MacroView software allows you to take full advantage of the strengths of SharePoint as a platform for ECM solutions.  The resulting ECM solutions score well in terms of cost effectiveness, user adoption and technology change adaption.

Examples for these ECM solutions include:

See this MacroView Blog article for more information.

SharePoint Automation

Automated Document Generation

MacroView has extensive experience with automating the generation of documents in Microsoft Office. Our solutions are used by organisations around the world to prepare high-quality documents with either very little or even zero user effort.

Custom Office template solutions – automate the operation of Word, Excel and PowerPoint with VB .NET and VBA code. Layouts are controlled by Office templates and variable input is retrieved automatically from CRM, Practice Management and other Line Of Business systems.

MacroView Precedent – special markup tags are inserted in master (precedent) documents and used to automate the generation of

In addition to software, MacroView can offer the Professional Services to design and develop an deliver a document automation solution that is custom tailored to the requirements of your organisation.