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Upload, Classify and Manage Records directly from Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, Adobe PDF & SharePoint Explorer

Outlook SharePoint Integration

Save Email Records to SharePoint

SharePoint Outlook integration enables

  • Fast drag and drop to save emails &/or attachments.
  • Automatic capture of at least 35 key metadata properties such as To, From, Subject & the actual File Author.
  • Even faster drag & drop for multiple emails with parallel save processing.
  • Save directly from the Outlook toolbar to any location in SharePoint.
  • Automatically file incoming / outgoing email records using powerful rules.
  • Permanent email retention and complete integrity as an ‘msg’ record.
  • Duplicate checking and unique meaningful record naming.

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Outlook Integrated Metadata Search SharePoint Office 365

Discover Email Records Faster

Connect SharePoint with Outlook to:

  • Locate records easily using Google style keyword search.
  • Find files using metadata such as email and file properties.
  • Add Taxonomy Term picker to Search for better results – New.
  • Download records quickly directly from search results list.
  • Search and open records from network system file shares.
  • Filter returned results by using SharePoint search refiners directly.
  • Results returned via ‘customizable’ search panels – see adjacent image.

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Convenient Compliance

Easily view compliance details for files, add or remove document holds and declare in-place records from Outlook directly, i.e. the browser is optional when MacroView is installed.

Compliance Declare as a Record from Outlook

Access Audit History

The MacroView client allows users to easily view a document’s audit history simply by right clicking on it and then selecting the audit option. Audit history includes usernames, date stamps, version numbers as well as the type of file ‘event’.

Comprehensive Capture

In addition to automatically capturing email and document property metadata the MacroView client allows users to capture additional ‘key’ details. It also enables users to set document permissions at the same time with non-admin rights.

Customize to your Requirements

Increase Records Management functionality even further

  • Update the product branding to your custom wording for ribbon items, menus, messages, etc.
  • Modify the MacroView Search & results panels to your metadata requirements
  • Add extra options to the right-click menus – e.g. Create Project, New Document, Workflow etc.
  • Customize the metadata profiling dialog box to support custom field types, automatic metadata, etc.
  • Support for Asian and European language character sets.
  • Extend Outlook and SharePoint connectivity further with (32 or 64 bit) plugins – click here for details.
SharePoint Outlook Integration

Products & Modules:

  • MacroView Message – Comprehensive Outlook to SharePoint connectivity and functionality.
  • MacroView DMF – Includes Message & extends to include Office, Acrobat & File Explorer for SharePoint
  • Predictive Email Filing – Suggests file locations based on an organization’s save patterns.
  • EDS – Assign specific document permissions to colleagues without administrator privileges.
  • Click for more DMF / Message module options.

On Your Platforms:

  • Microsoft Office 365, 2013 to 2019 – 64 bit & 32 bit supported.
  • Office 365 (SharePoint Online) including Government Dedicated & ITAR.
  • SharePoint Server 2019, 2016 & 2013 on-premises.
  • SharePoint in Azure, private Cloud & Hybrid all supported.
  • Remote Desktop (Terminal) Services and Citrix.
  • Windows Group Policy template supplied.

Enables You To:

  • Manage Emails and Files efficiently, quickly and intuitively from Office applications.
  • Easily maintain  SharePoint Records Management & Knowledge Management.
  • Link with existing CRM, line of business and document generation systems.
  • Exchange Public folder migration to SharePoint with automatic metadata capture.
  • Copy and move multiple files, with metadata, between Sites Collections, Farms and Office 365.