Outlook SharePoint Integration

Collaborative Email Management

Save Outlook Emails from Any Device

Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint integration

Upload Emails & Attachments Faster

Works with MacOS, Windows, IOS, OWA & Android

  • Minimum click or tap actions for quicker uploads.
  • Capture key email metadata for improved compliance.
  • Saves in the background so that you can continue to work.
  • File even sooner with previously defined email tags.
  • Consistent naming of Outlook emails to reduce duplicate items.
  • Intuitive Outlook interface across all platforms.
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Integrates with Microsoft Teams, OneDrive & SharePoint Online

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File important emails when on the Go

Extend Teams, OneDrive & SharePoint with Outlook App

  • Records both ‘Saved’ flag and destination location to each email.
  • Capture custom metadata values including content types.
  • Centralized Office 365 deployment to all your devices.
  • Navigate by using browse or even faster by using search.
  • Integrates with the MacroView Outlook desktop client.
  • Incorporates insert link or file when sending via OWA or the rich client.
  • Expand the email store by using MacroView DMF Provisioning.
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Create a Complete Solution with MacroView