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Save Outlook Emails even faster with the latest enabling features to streamline the SharePoint file management process

Enhanced Email Library SharePoint

Suggested Filing Locations

File sooner with recommended paths

MacroView PEF streamlines saving of both incoming and outgoing emails by suggesting and auto-navigating to locations where emails from the same Sender / to the same Recipient have previously been saved, either by you or other users. The locations are listed in the order in which they have been used, with the most recently used location displayed first.

MacroView PEF can be configured to append a Tracking Tag to the Subject of the email saved in SharePoint, which will dramatically speed up the saving of subsequent emails in the same conversation.

  • For Incoming (Received) emails the suggested locations are where other emails from the same Sender have previously been saved.
  • For Outgoing (Sent) emails the suggested locations are where other emails to the same first Recipient have previously been saved.

Drop Off Zone

Drag & drop saves now even easier

Activating MacroView Predictive Email Filing adds a Drag files here… drop zone to your MacroView pane. If you drag and drop an email to this zone, MacroView Message / MacroView DMF will determine the actual save location using the Tracking Tag in the Subject of the email.
Saving by drag and drop just got even easier!

Tracking Tags

Automatically file tagged emails

MacroView Predictive Email Filing will detect the presence of a special tracking tags in the Subject of incoming or outgoing emails. The tag indicates where previous emails in the same conversation have been saved, and facilitates saving the email to the same location.

  • MacroView Tracking Tags – MacroView PEF creates and inserts tags, with a prefix that identifies your organization
  • User-Defined Tags – the organization inserts its own tags into the Subject of emails – e.g. [Policy XXXX]. Alternatively individual users can insert the tags as they draft emails. MacroView PEF can be configured to recognize tags in any format that can be defined with a .NET regular expression.

MacroView Predictive Filing is available for MacroView Message MacroView DMF® and MacroView Case & Matter.

Once it recognizes a tracking tag MacroView PEF will either:

  • Save a copy of the email in the location identified by the tag – this is where previous emails in the same conversation have already been saved, or
  • Display a list of suggested filing locations, with the location identified by the tag pre-selected and allow the user to confirm the save location. You can also drag and drop directly to the Favorite or Browse mode location where you want to save. If necessary, the Tracking Tag will be updated to reflect the new location.

Smart Filing of Attachments

If you drag and drop attachments from an email that has a tracking tag to the drop zone, MacroView PEF will automatically select the location identified by that tracking tag. You can then confirm the save location.

MacroView PEF makes filing of both emails and attachments smarter!