Outlook SharePoint Integration

Greatly Improve Email Management Productivity with Automation

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Automatically Save Outlook Emails

Save emails to any location in SharePoint / Office 365

  • Quickly archive Outlook emails to SharePoint rather than to a PST.
  • File using Tag and Save  for smarter future email routing.
  • Retrospectively save and file existing Outlook emails to workflow locations.
  • Automatic profiling of key email metadata into SharePoint.
  • Emails are categorized to denote that they have been successfully uploaded.
  • Supports SharePoint, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive for Business.
SharePoint Automatic Corporate Email Filing

Share critical Outlook email information faster with automatic filing to SharePoint / Office 365, Teams or OneDrive

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Organizational Benefits

  • Reduce email duplication with a few centralized rules.
  • Minimize email information data loss with workflow based filing.
  • Smart filing of key emails based on a couple of simple yet powerful rules.
  • No new filing rules required as new SharePoint areas created.
  • Choose between team, individual or corporate email filing automation.
  • Save key emails automatically to SharePoint to ensure compliance.
  • Locate emails quickly using quick search or advanced search modes.
  • No reliance on PST or MAPI architecture for added stability.