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Successful migration of Documents and Emails to SharePoint hinges on selecting the right building blocks

Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint integration

SharePoint Migration Tool

Microsoft utility for migrating files to Office 365

This free tool from Microsoft lets you migrate Office files from your SharePoint on-premises document libraries or from your network file shares and easily upload them to either SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business (Office 365).

It has been designed to scale from copying a small set of documents through to large scale enterprise migrations. See adjacent video for a demonstration of its use, complemented by MacroView DMF.


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Outlook Integrated Metadata Search SharePoint Office 365

MacroView Standardiser

Refine your SharePoint Outlook Email locations

  • Extract key email & document metadata for better search results.
  • Populate columns with key metadata for faster filtering & sorting.
  • Rename existing emails to a meaningful unique filename.
  • Configure to run across your entire SharePoint environment.
  • Add columns, views and content types.
  • Track progress with easy to read log files.
  • Extend further via the MacroView customization team.
SharePoint Outlook Integration

MacroView DMF

Drag and drop thousands of emails to SharePoint

  • Designed for Outlook to SharePoint grassroots migrations.
  • Upload emails simultaneously to SharePoint in the background.
  • Save messages from Exchange Public Folders to SharePoint in bulk.
  • Prevent duplicates with unique email filenames based on key metadata.
  • Automatically extract emails and file metadata to SharePoint directly.
  • Emails checked-in and tagged to indicate successful migration to SharePoint.