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Explore SharePoint,   Microsoft Teams, Hubs, Sites, document libraries, folders / docsets faster by using Windows File Explorer style interface

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Easily Manage Files in SharePoint

Overcome limitations of SharePoint WebDav Explorer View

  • Drag & drop from anywhere to everywhere using intuitive tree-view navigation.
  • Copy or move files with key metadata between site collections, Farms, Office 365 and One Drive for Business.
  • Navigate Hub Sites, sites, document libraries & docsets faster with a tree-view.
  • Save emails to Microsoft Teams and group libraries.
  • Drag & drop from Outlook to save emails &/or attachments while capturing key details such as To, Subject, From, Sent time as well as file properties.
  • Upload from the file system with author and file created / modified dates being captured.
  • Migrate email messages from Exchange Public folders to SharePoint with metadata automatically populated.

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Outlook Integrated Metadata Search SharePoint Office 365

Find Documents & Emails Faster

Broaden SharePoint Search integration to:

  • Search based on metadata such as email and file properties.
  • Locate files easily using keyword or content similar to Google.
  • Open and change documents via network drives.
  • Filter search results using SharePoint refiners.
  • Download or manage files directly from search results
  • Return results from ‘configurable’ search panes – see adjacent image.

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Beyond Office SharePoint Integration

Enhanced Windows File Explorer style browsing

  • Easily find and open Microsoft Project, Visio and other files from any location
  • Checkout, makes changes and check back while maintaining versioning.
  • Adobe Reader / Acrobat SharePoint integration fully supported including metadata and checkout/in.
  • Open and modify other PDF vendor applications via DMF File Explorer.
  • View, edit & share content in Office 365 Public & Private groups as well as Microsoft Teams – New
  • Upload and modify metadata for large numbers of files in a single step.
  • Patented architecture for faster navigation and browsing.
  • DMF File Explorer for SharePoint is a 64bit application – provides that extra ‘bitness’ when you need it most. Now available with MacroView DMF.
SharePoint Outlook Email Integration