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Powerful SharePoint Automated Document Assembly and Generation integrated into Microsoft Word via MacroView Precedent

Microsoft Word 2013

Starts With Simple Markup

No XML or Programming Required

  • Automates the assembly of a new Word document that is based on the master precedent document selected.
  • Appears in Word ribbon menu for quick access.
  • Displays instruction text and tips to assist with correct usage and responses to prompts.
  • Complete access to all the familiar Word features for formatting and document structure.
  • Verifies that markup tags are complete by using Check Markup.
  • Extend with other MacroView products to create powerful end to end solutions.
  • The RUN markup tag lets you invoke Word macros with full access to Answer File content. This is an excellent way of handling specific organizational requirements such as date picker, currency formatting and table row deletion.
  • The Dictation Sheet feature creates a document containing a list of all variable input items.  
  • Makes it easy for you to include / exclude optional content and to choose one of multiple content items, for example Yours sincerely / Your faithfully / Regards.
  • Use conditional logic, for example SET and IF commands, to handle complex document automation tasks while minimizing user input. 

Generate the Document

Seamless Extension of Microsoft Word

  • Captured data is inserted where relevant across the whole document, including in headers, footers and text boxes.
  • Allows you to skip prompts and supply missing data later, when you know the answer.
  • Prompts you to enter variable data, or to choose data items to be retrieved directly from a SharePoint list or from an existing database.
  • Generate a whole package of documents, for example a court document package.
  • The Smart Data Service feature enables retrieval from any existing database or the data store – no custom web service necessary. MacroView Precedent automates the data retrieval for you.

Assemble Automatically

Faster Proposals with Answer Files

  • Records your responses in Answer Files which can significantly speed up the generation of subsequent documents for the same transaction, project or matter.
  • Generated documents can be automatically saved and pre-profiled or post-profiled in MacroView DMF or third party Document Management System.
  • Combine with MacroView ClauseBank to allow users to select their choice of clauses. You can also retrieve clauses automatically from the ClauseBank library.
SharePoint Outlook Integration

Precedent Enables You To:

  • Create agreements, leases, contracts, court packages etc faster with defined inputs and answer files.
  • Generate proposals, reports and presentations accurately, efficiently and in a timely manner.
  • Link with MacroView DMF or existing document management system.

On Your Platforms:

  • Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016.
  • SharePoint On-Premises 2016, 2013  & 2010.
  • Microsoft Word (Office 365 edition).
  • SharePoint Azure and Private Cloud.
  • Citrix & Remote Desktop (Terminal) Services.