SharePoint DM Design

MacroView has enabled hundreds of SharePoint-based solutions for managing documents and emails. Based on that experience we are well placed to advise on the design of your SharePoint document store to ensure: 

  • Your business requirements are satisfied
  • Maximum ease of use (which leads directly to adoption)
  • Able to handle your projected document volumes
  • Easy to manage and maintain
  • Appropriate degree of security
  • SharePoint On-Premises vs SharePoint Online

Installation, Configuration & Deployment

MacroView licensed software products are designed to be flexible but also for easy deployment.  Experienced MacroView consultants can assist with : 

  • Installation and upgrade of optional modules.
  • Optimal settings for the over 200 configuration settings available for MacroView DMF®
  • Silent deployment via Group Policy, utilising the ADM template that ships with MacroView DMF
  • Linking your existing document generation templates to MacroView DMF
  • Upgrading existing library structures using MacroView Standardiser.
  • Virtual Desktop deployments – e.g. via Citrix

Microsoft Office Development

MacroView has world-class expertise with the customisation of Microsoft Office and with the development of document automation solutions based on Microsoft Office.  Examples of our services in this area include: 

  • Creating custom templates to streamline the preparation of documents that comply with your corporate branding and style standards.
  • Upgrading existing templates and macros as you move to a new version of Microsoft Office
  • Custom Microsoft Office solution development in VB .NET and VBA
  • Design and development of best-practice custom Microsoft Office automated template solutions – [More information]

MacroView DMF Customisation

MacroView DMF is architected so that it can readily be extended and customised to satisfy the specific requirements of a customer organisation.  The resulting tailored solutions are generally more productive and have improved adoption by their users.

Potential areas of customisation include: 

  • Additional right-click menu items
  • Customising the profiling / metadata capture dialog
  • Push Favorites
  • Custom Search panels
  • Localisation and Re-branding
  • Custom configuration of Search Site Tree
  • Blocking of certain types of email
    [More information on Customizing]

Health Checks

MacroView Professional Services consultants are regularly commissioned to review an existing implementation of MacroView DMF. Typically the overall outcome of the Health Checks is improved levels of user satisfaction. Improvements that have been identified by Health Checks include: 

  • Making more effective use of the powerful MacroView DMF Search mechanism.
  • Improved performance – e.g. by appropriate use of Server Side Caching and the Files to display setting.
  • Configuration of Document Numbering and Document References.
  • Using Favorites (including Push Favorites) to provide a better experience for users.
  • Strategies for more automatic metadata capture 

Document Migrations

MacroView Professional Services consultants have assisted with numerous large scale migrations of documents and emails to SharePoint.

Examples of these migration projects include: 

  • Migrating a large folder structure in Windows file shares to  site / library / document set structure for the Australian Stock Exchange.
  • Migrating emails from large PSTs to SharePoint for several organisations. These projects involves the use of MacroView Standardiser.
  • Migrating approximately 3 million documents to SharePoint from OpenText DM6 for leading UK law firm Shoosmiths. The migration preserved existing metadata, versions and access permissions. [See the MacroView blog post]