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Frequently asked Questions

Does MacroView work on a Mac?

MacroView Mail saves Outlook emails on any device that supports Outlook (MacOS, Windows, IOS, OWA & Android).

The desktop solutions available with the Standard and Professional plans are Windows-based solutions that run nicely under parallels.

How does MacroView licensing work?

MacroView licenses on a per-seat, unique named user basis. This means that a single user can install the solution on several devices and only be allocated a single seat on the license.

What is the minimum number of seats?

MacroView provides solutions with a minimum of 10 seats (named users). MacroView offers attractive discounts for licenses with larger seat counts.

How can I see if the MacroView solutions will work for me?

We offer three options to see the MacroView solutions in action:

  1. Personal demonstration
  2. Free 30-day evaluation license for up to 5 users
  3. Proof of Concept license for up to 10 users for 60 days and Technical Assistance
Does the MacroView software offer support for languages other than English?

Our solutions support up to 14 languages for the wording of commands, messages, menu items and other user interface elements.