Extract and record email metadata and remove duplicates for optimised searchability in SharePoint using MacroView Standardiser

Improved search and filtering

Powerful simple to use features

Designed for environments of any size

Improved search and filtering

MacroView Standardiser extracts all non-personal email metadata, capturing key information and ensuring you can easily find the emails you are after.

Macroview Icons Mail

Email view displays emails as they are in Outlook

Macroview Icons Filter

Filter and sort emails on any property (To, From, Subject etc.)

Macroview Icons Search

Find emails by searching content and metadata

Macroview Icons Dms Pro

Combine with MacroView DMS for powerful search across your entire SharePoint store directly from Outlook

Powerful, simple to use features

Macroview Icons Windows Explorer

Run from any Windows computer

Macroview Icons Provisioning

Process specific site, libraries, or specific emails within a library

Macroview Icons Configuration

Automatically add the email content type and view to existing document libraries

Macroview Icons Filter

Nominate the name of your email content type and view

Macroview Icons Metadata

Automatic capture of email metadata

Macroview Icons Automation

Automated duplicate removal

Macroview Icons Mail

Emails saved as .msg files for accessibility in Outlook

Macroview Icons Dms Pro

Combine with MacroView DMS to work with your SharePoint emails directly from Outlook

Designed for large environments

Designed for large environments

Batch processing across any number of sites and libraries
Process all emails or just specific emails within a library
Minimise storage by removing duplicates
Extensive error handling and reporting

MacroView Standardiser

MacroView Standardiser can assist your business in populating missing email metadata, allowing you to seamlessly transition into your new document management platform, and immediately work with our powerful document management tools.



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Macroview Use Macroview Migrator

Haven’t yet migrated your emails to SharePoint?

Use MacroView Migrator to move all of your files and emails to SharePoint with metadata capture and other key functionality, to kickstart your Document Management within SharePoint.