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Create a Complete Solution with MacroView

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Message v8

Dramatically improve the integration between Outlook desktop & SharePoint or Teams to enable powerful email management & records management solutions.

MacroView DMF

Enhance and extend the document management capabilities of SharePoint & Teams whilst working in familiar applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, File Explorer & Adobe Acrobat.

Case and Matter

Packages MacroView DMF with modules and other extensions to create an ideal document and email management solution where activity is arranged into cases, matters and projects.

Mail App

Upload emails from MacOS, Windows, OWA, IOS iPhone & iPad. Store organizational emails in SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams or One Drive from any device.

MacroView ClauseBank

Faster, safer drafting of documents, presentations and emails by making it easy to find and re-use standard, approved text and graphics.

Unique Numbering

Makes unique document numbering in SharePoint work like a traditional DM system – including automatic update of footers of Word and Excel documents.

Predictive Email Filing

Extend email management even further with suggested save locations. Utilize tracking tags for smarter, faster filing of emails & attachments. Enhance even further with predefined tags.

MacroView Precedent

Powerful, business-user-friendly automated document assembly system linking Microsoft Word, Microsoft SharePoint on-premises with other content sources.

SharePoint File Explorer

Familiar Windows file explorer style navigation and features as well as a configurable search interface. Designed for SharePoint on-premises, online (Office 365) and hybrid environments.

MacroView Standardiser

Bulk processes existing emails to ensure that they are saved with standard format, naming & metadata. Bulk updates the structure of libraries to enable optimal document & email management.

Advanced Office Integration

The version-control options you need as you close a document that you have checked out & edited – removes risk of accidentally discarding all changes.

Enhanced Document Security

Makes it easy to manage access permissions for documents, document sets and folders – it works for any user who can save or modify documents.

Email Enabled Library Handler

Ensures consistent filing of emails – emails saved by sending to a library are saved with same format, naming and metadata as emails saved by dragging and dropping.