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Grow your SharePoint/Office 365 business faster with Document Management, Email Management and Document Generation solutions from MacroView.

Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint integration

Partnership Program

Our partner benefits to you include:

  • Not for resale evaluation licenses for demonstration purposes.
  • Generous Partner commissions for initial solution sale.
  • Maximize sales opportunities with our multiple up sell product offerings.
  • Build an ongoing revenue stream with commissions for annual software assurance.
  • Access to new products and pre-release product updates.
  • Tap into our team of expert SharePoint professionals.  

Why MacroView?

Prosper from our development experience

  • Solutions deployed in over 70 countries globally in multiple languages.
  • Winner of multiple Microsoft SharePoint and Office awards.
  • Selling SharePoint products & solutions for over 18 years.
  • Creating bespoke macro solutions for over 25 years.
  • Profiting our key partners for over a decade.
  • Microsoft Gold Certified partner since 2003.
  • Multi vendor SharePoint compatibility.

Document Management:

  • MacroView Message for Outlook   >>>
  • MacroView Mail App for Android, MacOS, IOS & OWA  >>>
  • MacroView DMF for Office & Adobe Acrobat plus a SharePoint File Explorer  >>>
  • MacroView Case and Matter  >>>
  • MacroView DMF Plugins >>>

Optional Modules:

  • Corporate Email Filing  >>>
  • Unique Document Numbering  >>>
  • Advanced Office Integration  >>>
  • Predictive Email Filing  >>>
  • Enhanced Document Security  >>>
  • More DMF module options  >>>

Document Generation:

  • MacroView ClauseBank  >>>
  • MacroView Precedent   >>>
  • Microsoft Office Template Customizations   >>>
  • MacroView ADA