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For nearly three decades, Abel Solutions has been specialising in SharePoint implementation for companies across all industries. Their success in the real estate sector led to the creation of a separate division in 2020, REALTY|share, founded by Kevin Abel and Anthony B. Magee Jr.

REALTY|share empowers real estate professionals to work efficiently by focusing on three critical areas:

1. Real Estate Taxonomy
2. SharePoint Implementation
3. Document Migration

SharePoint and its limitations

Servicing SharePoint products since 2001, Kevin has a good sense of the strengths and limitations of SharePoint. One of its severe limitations has always been desktop access, allowing users to save files and integrate files from desktop applications like Outlook etc.

What makes MacroView DMF special

Over the years Kevin was exposed to various third-party products until a REALTY|share client introduced him to MacroView DMF. Impressed by what the product could do, he contacted MacroView. A demo reinforced the tremendous value add and the opportunity the solution could offer REALTY|share as a system integrator to incorporate into their REALTY|share Desktop solution.

“I not only saw the capabilities of the out-of-the-box product. I saw the opportunities for a systems integration consultant like us to enhance, customise and configure it. The XML search panels, the simple ability to brand it ourselves. It’s a small thing, but it meant a lot. The tremendous configurability of MacroView DMF was extremely appealing,” discloses Kevin.

Document Management via desktop integration

“Doing many client demos, I know first-hand that older generations prefer integrating their desktop with SharePoint. They don’t want to open a browser to do document management. Twenty years from now, this might be different, but currently, it’s a huge part of our value proposition. Therefor MacroView DMF is integral to our product REALTY|share,” states Kevin.

The partnership

Working with a smaller company like MacroView, Kevin highly regards the strong relationship that has developed over time. Discussing roadblocks with the CEO and getting past them quickly is a significant advantage. A three-month cadence to stay in touch ensures everyone is on the same page and all matters are discussed promptly.

“The MacroView team has been terrific and incredibly responsive to all my requests,” praises Kevin.

Looking into the future and understanding each other products better is the way to go. Learning if any features still need to be included that could benefit REALTY|share’s clients and MacroView receiving feedback and eventually gaining some ideas for product innovations or enhancements is a win-win for both partners.