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[Webinar] Smart & Targeted SharePoint Search: Time-Saving Strategies with MacroView


Are you tired of endlessly sifting through your digital clutter, struggling to find that one crucial email or document buried deep within your drive?

It’s time to put an end to the chaos and streamline your workflow! Watch our webinar where we discuss time-saving techniques to optimise the way you search for emails and documents in SharePoint, with MacroView’s targeted search capabilities.


Why you should watch this webinar

  • Master Essential Search Skills: Learn how to navigate and retrieve information effortlessly, saving valuable time and frustration. 
  • Optimise Microsoft Office Search: Unlock the full potential of Microsoft Office’s search capabilities to supercharge your productivity.
  • Discover Time-Saving Strategies: Explore advanced techniques like saved searches and organised groups to enhance your workflow efficiency. 
  • Gain Expertise in MacroView DMS: Develop a foundational understanding of MacroView DMS, empowering you to streamline your document management processes.


Webinar Highlights

  • Precision Filtering: Filter documents and emails with ease using metadata like Name, Subject, To, and From. 
  • Pro Search Tips: Master the Find Files feature for efficient content and metadata searches. 
  • Advanced Search Tactics: Explore Keyword and Email Search within Search Panels for advanced queries. 
  • Effortless Navigation: Use MacroView DMS Tree Search to smoothly navigate sites, libraries, and folders. 
  • Spotlight on ‘Search This Location’: Quickly pinpoint information in specific areas with this feature. 
  • Save & Organise: Save time by creating Saved Searches and custom groups for frequent queries.


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