Colin Titmuss

[Webinar] Hassle-free email management in SharePoint – Strategies and techniques with MacroView DMS


Are you tired of spending valuable time manually saving and organising emails in SharePoint, only to find yourself overwhelmed by cluttered inboxes and inefficient workflows?

Watch our free webinar and discover a simpler and efficient solution to this problem.


Why you should watch this webinar

  • Learn efficient email-saving methods using MacroView DMS.
  • Automate email organisation with Managed Filing.
  • Troubleshoot common issues for seamless workflow.
  • Optimise your email management for enhanced productivity.


Webinar Highlights

  • Methods to manually save emails – ‘drag n drop’; shortcut menu; ribbon
  • Examine the email metadata, views, preview, opening an email etc
  • Automatic email filing using Managed Filing – insert tag(s); show location/open location
  • Troubleshooting when an email does not save
  • Monitored Mailboxes
  • Managed Filing Setup


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