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Top advantages of MacroView

In today’s fast-paced business environment, managing and organising digital documents is crucial for streamlined operations.

Enter MacroView, a leading provider of Document Management System (DMS) software for over 25 years, empowering clients globally with cutting-edge solutions. In this blog, we will explore the key advantages that make MacroView stand out in the competitive landscape of DMS software. 

MacroView DMS – A leading document management system

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  1. MacroView’s Tree-View: Navigating SharePoint with Ease 

Benefit: With our tree-view, there’s no need for manual registration – MacroView automatically displays all accessible areas in a familiar tree structure, enhancing your efficiency and making SharePoint as user-friendly as Windows or Outlook.  

It also supports hybrid document stores, allowing you to seamlessly integrate multiple Microsoft 365 tenants, OneDrive for Business sites, and on-premises SharePoint web applications. 


Macroview Dms Tree View

In image: MacroView DMS Tree View 

  1. Drag and Drop Made Simple 

Benefit: MacroView DMS allows you to save time by dropping emails, attachments, or documents directly onto any library or folder in your MacroView tree-display. No more multiple steps or dropdown lists – just drag and drop to move, copy, or download documents effortlessly across SharePoint areas, including between site collections and on-premises and online environments. 


  1. Efficient Document and Email Searches

Benefit: Search smarter, not harder. MacroView’s Search mode allows users to search for documents and emails in SharePoint based on content and metadata.  

By enabling searches within Outlook itself, users can locate information without the need to switch to a web browser, saving time and keystrokes. Searching by metadata provides a more precise and efficient experience compared to traditional content-only searches. 


Easier Document Retrieval

In image: MacroView DMS search functionality 

  1. Automated Outlook Email Filing with MacroView Managed Filing

Benefit: MacroView Managed Filing automates the process of saving Outlook emails to SharePoint Online and on-premises SharePoint.  

Utilising powerful rules stored in a SharePoint library, this feature eliminates the need for users to define their filing rules individually. Filing tags in email subjects make subsequent automatic filings seamless, even for shared mailboxes and colleagues’ mailboxes. 

  1. Exceptional Support for Microsoft Teams

Benefit: The tree-view displays the structure of all Teams sites for which you have permission, and it offers top-notch support for managing Outlook emails within Teams.  

MacroView ensures that your Teams sites are optimised for managing emails, automatically recording attributes as metadata and preventing duplicates when saving emails to the same area. 

  1. Seamless Integration with Rich-Client Applications

Benefit: MacroView DMS and DMS Pro seamlessly integrate with various rich-client applications, including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Reader, and Adobe Acrobat.  

Whether you prefer working in Outlook or Windows File Explorer, MacroView caters to your needs. With optional modules, DMS Pro satisfies advanced users’ requirements, such as those in legal departments, providing a comprehensive document management experience. 


Macroview Access Migrated Emails Directly From Outlook

In image: Macroview access migrated emails directly from Outlook

  1. A True Windows Experience with MacroView

Benefit: Stay within your comfort zone. MacroView removes the need to switch to a web browser, offering a full Windows experience within rich-client applications.  

No web browser iFrames mean every user interface element presented by MacroView is true Windows, providing familiar right-click menus and metadata pickers without the constraints of native SharePoint web browser UI. 


  1. Easily Customisable Architecture 

Benefit: Tailor your document and email management solution to your business requirements. MacroView makes customisation a breeze, allowing clients to configure additional search types, add options to right-click menus, and customise the profiling dialogue. Adapt MacroView to your specific needs, whether it’s creating new search controls or incorporating workflow options for advanced users. 


Macroview Fully Configurable Migration To Only Include Information You Need 2

In image: Fully configurable migration to include information you need

  1. Solution Provisioning for Administrative Ease

Benefit: Authorise administrators and power users to create new Site Collections, Teams, Sites, and Document Libraries effortlessly.  

MacroView Provisioning utilises XML files compliant with Microsoft PNP, allowing for the easy and safe deployment of customised solutions without the need for the SharePoint admin web browser UI. 

  1. Handling Large SharePoint Document Stores with Ease

Benefit: The tree-view seamlessly handles large SharePoint stores, displaying and navigating through thousands of site collections, sites, and libraries.  


On-premises implementations benefit from a custom web service, reducing bandwidth requirements for key document management functions and ensuring optimal performance even in List View Threshold conditions. 

Unmatched Customer Support 


Beyond the software itself, we offer our customers with the best support we can. Whether it’s onboarding, troubleshooting, or providing ongoing assistance, MacroView’s dedicated support team ensures that clients receive the help they need promptly and effectively. 


91% customer satisfaction with our Product Support. (2023) 


Ready to take your document management to the next level? Reach out to us. 


Whether you’re looking to streamline your document management process, enhance collaboration, or improve efficiency, MacroView is your trusted partner. Reach out to us today and discover the transformative capabilities of MacroView DMS. Your documents, reimagined. 

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