James Paola

This month in DMS and Mail | May 2023

We’ve got some great upgrades coming to you this month across all our document and email management apps.

In this article, we’ll look at the new theming and presentation options in DMS and DMS Pro, and the new Sync Favourites option in Mail.

For the full list of fixes and changes, see DMS 9.4 Release Notes.

Macroview Themes

Add a splash of colour with new themes

We’ve introduced several theming options to make DMS and DMS Pro feel more at home.

You can now set themes to match:

  • Windows system theme settings
  • Your organisation’s colour scheme – easy to roll out to all users with Group Policy
  • Office apps
  • Any custom colour

By default, the theme settings are set to match the colour scheme of the Office app you’re using in Outlook, Word, Excel or PowerPoint, and your Windows system colour if you’re a DMS Pro user in DMS Explorer.

To learn how to use these settings, see What’s new in DMS 9.4.

Mail Sync Favourites 3

Sync Favourites between Mail and DMS across all devices

A new Sync Favourites option is available in Mail, allowing you to synchronise your collection of favourite/pinned SharePoint locations across Mail, DMS and DMS Pro on all your devices.

This also means you can add a new favourite in one app, and have it automatically appear in all other apps the next time you use it.

To learn more about Sync Favourites in Mail and DMS, see Recent, Favourite and Subscription locations and files.

To get the latest news on our document and email management products, follow the Mail Release Notes and DMS Release Notes on the MacroView Help Centre.