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This month in DMS and Mail | August 2023

We’ve got exciting new upgrades to share across all our document and email management apps.

In this article, we’ll look at the new updates to our DMS and DMS Pro solutions: folder link insertion, folder-level meta tags. 

For the full list of fixes and changes, see DMS 9.6 Release Notes.

DMS Feature: Attaching files from Sharepoint via links

Added support for “Insert link to folder”

With our new update, you can create direct links to specific locations within Sharepoint using our user-friendly DMS Tree View.  

This new feature offers the following advantages: 

  • Eliminates the need for multiple clicks. 

Say goodbye to the complexity of multiple clicks. With these links, you can navigate straight to the right place in Sharepoint with just one click thus saving time and effort. 

  • Avoids file duplication. 

DMS direct link update mitigates the risk of file duplication. By guiding you directly to the intended location, it ensures that you’re always accessing the right version of a file, thus avoiding unnecessary confusion and potential errors. 

  • Enhances collaboration efficiency. 

Through instant access to specific Sharepoint locations, documents can be swiftly shared and collaborated upon by team members simultaneously.

To learn how to use these updates, see here.

DMS: Added Folder level default support for SharePoint Online

Added Folder level default support for SharePoint Online 

We’ve extended the capability to set default metadata values at the folder level, which was previously limited to the Document library level.  

With this enhancement: 

  • Manual data entry is minimised. 

As you organise files in folders, you can set folder-specific default metadata values. This auto-populates metadata fields based on the folder, cutting down on manual input and ensuring document consistency.

  • Search reliability is improved. 

By setting default values at the folder level, you enhance the reliability of your search results. The metadata associated with each document becomes more reliable and relevant, making it easier to locate and retrieve specific files when needed. 

  • You and your team save valuable time. 

By minimising manual data entry and enhancing search accuracy, you collectively save valuable hours that can be redirected towards more strategic tasks and collaborative efforts. 

To learn how to use these updates, see here.

To get the latest news on our document and email management products, follow the Mail Release Notes and DMS Release Notes on the MacroView Help Centre.

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