Anita Fritz

Document Preparation Now Even Smarter with MacroView ClauseBank

MacroView ClauseBank™ streamlines document preparation by making it easy for business users to find and re-use standard, approved text and graphics content that is published in libraries in a central SharePoint site, which can be hosted on either Office 365 SharePoint Online or on an on-premises SharePoint Server.

The new Offline Replication feature of MacroView ClauseBank is great news for users wanting to make their document preparation more efficient, but who have slow or unreliable connections to the central Clause Libraries.  The Offline Replication feature automatically creates a copy of the centrally published content items in the user’s C: drive, so that retrieval of wanted items operates at local speed and is not impacted by a slow internet connection.

Colin Titmuss, MacroView Product Director explains: “The replication of content items in the central Clause Libraries is handled by standard Microsoft middleware, which runs in the background and utilises whatever bandwidth is available.  The result is that users have the best of both worlds – an up-to-date copy of centrally published content items but high-speed operation when viewing, choosing and inserting content items into the document or email that they are drafting.”

MacroView ClauseBank runs in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Outlook. The standard, approved text and graphics content is published by saving mini-documents in SharePoint libraries. By using the ClauseBank add-on in Microsoft Office a user can browse and / or search these libraries to find the content items that they want to insert into their current document or email.  ClauseBank displays a fully formatted preview of selected content items and maintains all formatting and styles as it inserts the selected items. This helps to ensure compliance with corporate appearance standards.

MacroView ClauseBank can prevent the re-use of content items that are out-of-date and can automatically alert a nominated content expert of items that are about to pass their expiry date. Usage of content items is logged to assist content administrators in managing the published content. 

ClauseBank also makes it easy for an end-user to propose new content items for inclusion in a central Clause Library and available to other users once approved. This addresses a key problem for any central content management application, which is how to keep the central content bank up-to-date and relevant to dynamically changing business needs.

MacroView is a Microsoft Gold Partner specialising in document generation, document management and email management solutions based on Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint. MacroView’s document drafting and automation solutions range from MacroView ClauseBank to sophisticated, multi-language, multi-location .NET automated Office template suites.

For more information see the MacroView website or contact MacroView Services.