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Smart Document Generation for third party collaboration

MacroView DraftSmart documents are the ideal solution when working with external third parties – such as agents, brokers and/or partners that need to quickly generate documentation for arranging insurance, mortgages or lease finance. They enable the efficient creation of high quality, brand compliant documents, forms and emails using familiar Microsoft 365 applications that business users like to work with.

Documents designed to be intuitive and simple to use

Documents can easily be marked up and styled to meet your specific business requirements for a turn-key solution. Sensitive and standard content (e.g. legal disclaimers and corporate information) can be protected like forms if required to mitigate risk.

The distinctive feature of DraftSmart documents are the linked variables that can be used for:

  • Plain text inputs (for names, addresses, contact details, etc.)
  • Date picker controls
  • Combo box controls
  • Checkbox controls
  • Optional text and expressions
  • Instructional text

Refer sample DraftSmart click and type engagement letter in Microsoft Word 365 below.


Working and collaborating with DraftSmart documents

Agents, partners and business users simply work through the document by click and typing any variable inputs in context using the familiar Microsoft Word user interface. We control the styling and content options so that third parties can focus on the task at hand.

Linked variables in the document need only be entered once (e.g. inputs like company name) and all inputs are self-contained and portable in the .docx file format. This reduces the risk for input errors and results in significantly reduced turnaround time for creating, revising and repurposing compliant documents.

MacroView DraftSmart documents can be distributed and/or shared in the Cloud as you would any normal Word document. They are ideal for creating standard business letters, agreements, forms, proforma proposals, CVs, etc.

Don’t worry if you don’t have your own templates and styles. MacroView has more than 25 years’ experience working with professional services, financial services, government and corporations from all corners of the globe developing custom template solutions.

Our dedicated Microsoft 365 specialists are the go-to people when out-of-the-box template and document automation products are just not good enough for your organisation. Contact us today.