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Simplifying Migration with MacroView Migrator 

Migration. It’s a word that can bring both excitement for new possibilities and a tinge of apprehension about the process. Let’s face it, migration can be tough. The thought of moving vast amounts of data from one platform to another often comes with concerns about lost data, disorganisation, and disrupted workflows.  

However, with the right tools and approach, these challenges can be overcome. This is where MacroView Migrator shines, offering a powerful yet user-friendly solution for those looking to migrate from Outlook and File Shares to SharePoint, with confidence. 

Migrate with Confidence 


MacroView Migrator is designed for large volumes and ease of use. It can transfer content from file shares, Outlook and Public Folders, transforming your current document libraries into a structured and intuitive SharePoint hierarchy of sites, libraries, folders and document sets. 

Macroview Migrate From A Variety Of Platforms

1. Powerful and Configurable Functionality 


The tool offers robust migration functionality that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re migrating emails, attachments, or documents, MacroView Migrator provides the tools to get the job done efficiently. 


2. Automatic Metadata Capture


Say goodbye to manual metadata entry. MacroView Migrator automatically captures and records metadata, ensuring that your data remains organised and searchable after migration. 

Macroview Automatically Capture Email Metadata For Easier Searching 2

3. Better Document and Email Management


By migrating into SharePoint, Teams, or OneDrive, you gain access to enhanced document and email management capabilities. This means improved collaboration, organisation, and accessibility for your team. 

4. Eliminate Clutter with Duplicate Item Elimination 


MacroView Migrator’s capabilities include the ability to eliminate duplicate items, reducing clutter and optimising storage space. This ensures that your new environment remains clean and efficient. 

Macroview Pre Built And Configurable Migration Workflows 2

5. Pre-Built and Configurable Workflows


With pre-built and configurable migration workflows, you can streamline the migration process according to your unique requirements. Migrator traverses the source folder structure and invokes configurable workflows against each file and folder that determines the destination. This flexibility allows for a smooth transition without unnecessary complications. 

6. Scan and Analyse Before Migration


The tool also provides the option to scan and analyse your email store before migration, giving you insights into your data and helping you make informed decisions throughout the process. 

Macroview Access Documents And Emails In Sharepoint Directly From Outlook And Other Office Applications

7. Update Your Email Store Structure


With the provisioning feature, you can update your email store structure as you migrate, ensuring that your new environment aligns with your organisation’s needs and workflows. 

8. View Emails Anywhere


Thanks to MacroView Migrator’s web capabilities, you can view emails on devices without Outlook, providing flexibility and accessibility to your team members. 

9. Powerful Migration logs and audit logs 


MacroView Migrator provides complete logs of migration results and can export to .xlsx for further analysis. With the ability to re-run batches in the event of an error.  

How MacroView Migrator Works 

  • Select Source: Choose the content you want to migrate. 
  • Configure: Set your migration preferences, such as metadata mappings and customisable workflows 
  • Start Migration: Let MacroView Migrator do the heavy lifting while you focus on what matters most. 

Simplify Migration Today!

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