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Anita Fritz

Power Up Your Productivity with MacroView Training

MacroView software has proven ability to make users much more productive as they generate and manage documents and emails. At MacroView we believe that effective training is key to realizing that potential, and so to user adoption of a new document solution based on Office 365 and SharePoint. To be effective, that training needs to fit into the busy schedules of users.

The good news is that MacroView can provide the training that enables users to take full advantages of the many productivity-enhancing features of MacroView software and solutions.

That MacroView training can be delivered in two ways:

  • Consultant-led Sessions
  • Training Videos

Consultant-led Sessions

These sessions are prepared and presented by an experienced MacroView implementation consultant. These consultants not only have excellent knowledge of MacroView software and solutions – they also are able to relate to business users and show the techniques that real business users need to be fully productive with MacroView.

These sessions run for 1.5 to 2 hours and can be tailored to use your SharePoint environment. Typically the sessions are delivered via web-based meeting, though on-site sessions can also be arranged.

MacroView can suggest the topics that have proven relevant to many organizations. You can have the content tailored to reflect the SharePoint design and / or custom solution elements that are used by your organization.

A cost-effective approach is to have a MacroView consultant conduct training sessions for key users and / or your own trainers, who can then pass on the information to end-users in your organization.

Training videos

Videos are an excellent way of coping with the reality that users are so busy that it is almost impossible to schedule a time when all the users can be together in the same training room.
MacroView training videos allow each user to do their own learning, at a time and place that suits them. Importantly the videos are short and specific. Here are some sample training video topics: 

  • ‘Saving Outlook emails’
  • ‘Working with attachments’
  • ‘Streamlining sales proposals by re-using standard, approved text and graphics”
  • ‘Searching for documents and emails’
  • ‘Viewing and navigating your SharePoint document store’
  • ‘Automatic filing of Outlook emails to SharePoint’

The training videos complement the videos that are available in the MacroView channel on YouTube.