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Anita Fritz

New Features: DMS 9.2 Public Beta

We want your feedback to make our products the best they can be. Being part of the MacroView Beta Program, you can take part in accessing the latest features before they become the official release.

To participate in the MacroView Beta program you need a MacroView Support account to register for the Beta Program. Sign up if you have not already done so or log in with your existing MacroView Support account to get started.

Sync and Backup Favorites

Favorites can now be backed up to OneDrive and sync with your other MacroView products including DMS on other computers. We took the same familiar Favorites experience you expect and turned it up a notch.


Sync Favorites

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Enable Sync Favorites from DMS Options and DMS helpfully sets a recommended location in your OneDrive, backs up your favorites and starts keeping them in sync. You’re in control, change the Remote location of synced favorites to decide where your favorites are backed up. If you decide to turn off Sync favorites, we’ll keep a copy stored on your computer. Never worry about lost favorites again.


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