Noel Williams

Anita Fritz

New Document Generation experience for SharePoint and Teams


MacroView is delivering improvements for SharePoint and Teams users looking to generate new documents and emails.

Choosing a starting point for your new document

MacroView DMS includes a New button in the file list action bar (refer to the screenshot below). Clicking this button displays a list of templates defined for the content types in a SharePoint document library. Each of these templates is a starting point for generating a new document (this can be a Word document, Outlook email, PowerPoint presentation and/or an Excel workbook).




These can also be MacroView DraftSmart documents, which nicely reflect how business users like to work – designed for an optimal click-and-type user experience, they boost productivity for revising or re-purposing an existing document.

In addition to templates and smart documents defined for content types, the New button can also display a menu of templates you would typically see if you were working in Word, PowerPoint or Excel – e.g. stored in the Workgroup templates path (refer to the diagram below).


New Button Schematic Diagram


MacroView software will prompt you to save the new document in your current SharePoint or Teams location. I.e. the document library, document set or folder you selected in the MacroView tree and whose contents are currently displayed in the MacroView file list.

Watch the short video that shows the new document generation experience for SharePoint and Teams in action.