Anita Fritz

Anita Fritz

MacroView Highlights 2022

This year’s certainly been eventful – so before we head into 2023, let’s look back at some of MacroView’s highlights of 2022…

Infographic Highlights 2022 Final
Our team

This year, we welcomed three new employees to our fabulous team.

Boosting our administrative team, Giulia Martinelli does an amazing job running and coordinating the day-to-day administrative duties of our organisation.

Joining as Product Manager, Chris Litherland, adds extensive experience in the software and product management space.

Anita Fritz, our Marketing Specialist, brings vast knowledge in developing, implementing and executing strategic marketing plans. Since joining MacroView, those three have done some fantastic work, and we are happy to have them on board.


Our client newsletter and information emails got a new look and feel this September. Now called MacroView Magazine and MacroView Bulletin, these monthly communications include helpful articles and tips & tricks to help you get the most from your MacroView document management and document generation solutions. Don’t miss a thing by signing up here.

MacroView Community

MacroView Community was launched in August 2022 and is an excellent forum for our customers to provide feedback, share knowledge and raise ideas for new product features. In the first three months, we have seen over 30 new ideas posted, with a couple already implemented and others planned for release early next year. Let us know your wishes by posting your comments on the Community Forum.

MacroView Beta Program

In September, we launched our MacroView Beta Program, allowing customers early access to new features before they are officially released. Have your say in shaping new features by contacting MacroView Support to gain access to the Beta Program.

Product updates

They have also been many exciting new product releases and features.

Some of the great new features introduced to MacroView DMS in October are:


  1. Breadcrumb Navigation

    We were often asked how to navigate to the current folder’s parent quickly. With the introduction of the breadcrumbs it’s a piece of cake. It also allows quick navigation to any location by pasting the URL into the breadcrumb area.

  2. Support for nested hub sites

    Hub sites help organise content on SharePoint by grouping related sites together. With support for nested hub sites in DMS 9, organisations which have hierarchy of hub sites can now see those nested hub sites within larger hubs.

  3. Custom email column mapping

    The email mapping customisation automatically sets email properties to non-MacroView columns when an email is saved to SharePoint via MacroView DMF or MacroView Message.

  4. MacroView Plus Upgrade

    Many of our popular extensions and add-ons previously licensed individually can now be added with a single Plus license uplift. Numerous users have already taken this up to extend MacroView DMS to allow merging and zipping files, enhanced metadata defaulting, integrated content approval and default folder structures. Please speak with our Services Team for more information.

  5. Tree View Quick Search

    This new feature allows you to quickly search and navigate to any site, library or folder straight from the browse mode. You still have access to the right-click Search Site Tree function for more specific searches, but the Tree View Quick Search makes finding the area you are after based on its title, even a vast structure, just a click away.

  6. Recursive Views

    Often the available views in a SharePoint library only show the files in a selected location. What if you do not know what sub-folder the file you are looking for is in? You could go to the browser and create an additional view that shows files without folders, but then you would need to do this for each view and potentially have twice the number of views. MacroView DMF and MacroView Message added support for toggling the state of any view to show files in folders or without folders allowing you to see just what is in the selected folder and show all files below the chosen location.

  7. Personal Views

    The file list in MacroView DMF and MacroView Message has always supported displaying SharePoint views. Now, Personal Views allow you to create and edit your views directly from the file list in MacroView DMF or MacroView Message. You can add, remove, or even reorder columns to get just the view you require, and best of all, you can sort and filter the newly added columns to locate a file or email quickly and easily. Personal views are also created in SharePoint, so they are still available when viewing files in the browser.

  8. Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL) support

  9. Deploy User settings from a resource library

    A resource library is a great way to centralise and manage the deployment of configuration options by creating a library in SharePoint to store configuration files in the library. MacroView DMF and Message automatically download the configuration files it contains. This feature has now been extended to support the deployment of User settings, making administration even more effortless.

October also saw MacroView Advance Office Integration 7.0 (AOI) released, introducing support for enhanced version control while co-authoring documents.

MacroView Migrator received several enhancements, including support for custom email metadata column mapping and batch execution options to support more comprehensive and complex migration workflows, to name a few. With the performance issues often faced with Public Folder, and the limited support available, MacroView Migrator was very popular with clients wanting to move their emails to SharePoint.

Automatic Email Filing continues to be a very popular feature. On top of support for multiple tags and filing locations added in late 2021, the introduction of property-based tags added in 2022 extended considerably the number of SharePoint designs that MacroView Corporate Email Filing can work with. 2022 saw approximately 400 additional users adopt MacroView Corporate Email Filing with impressive productivity gains.


Last but not least, our Support Team has handled nearly 1,500 tickets over the past 12 months and achieved a 94% customer satisfaction rating. Well done!


Watch out for more exciting changes in 2023!