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Is SharePoint Enough as a DMS?


As organisations increasingly turn to cloud technologies, SharePoint has emerged as a popular choice to streamline their document management processes.  

But is SharePoint enough on its own? Let’s find out.

Advantages of SharePoint 

SharePoint, part of Microsoft 365, is a robust platform for file storage and collaboration. Its features such as shared folders, version history, and integration with Microsoft apps like Teams and OneDrive have made it a popular choice for businesses seeking centralised file management accessible from anywhere. 


  • Centralised Storage: All documents are stored in one place, accessible to authorised users.
  • Collaboration: Real-time co-authoring allows multiple users to work on documents simultaneously.
  • Security: Permissions can be finely tuned, ensuring sensitive documents are only seen by those with clearance.
  • Integration: Seamless integration with other Microsoft 365 apps like Teams, Outlook, and OneDrive.

Limitations of SharePoint as a DMS

While SharePoint offers a strong foundation for document management, it may fall short in meeting specific requirements of some organisations. Here are a few limitations:



  • Customisation Challenges: Customising SharePoint beyond basic configurations often requires specialised expertise. 

Document Control: 

  • Versioning: SharePoint’s version control may not be granular enough for complex document workflows. 
  • Metadata: Setting up and managing metadata for documents can be time-consuming. 

User Experience: 

  • Navigation: Large document libraries can lead to difficulties in finding and organising files.
  • Search: While SharePoint search is functional, it does not always deliver desired results, especially with unstructured data. 

Enter MacroView DMS

MacroView DMS is a powerful document and email management solution that integrates seamlessly with SharePoint. It builds upon SharePoint’s foundation, addressing many of the limitations mentioned earlier. Here’s how MacroView enhances SharePoint: 

Simplified User Experience:

  • Streamlined Navigation: Users can easily find and organise documents, even in large libraries. With the familiar tree-view folder, navigation is intuitive and quick. 

Macroview Dms Tree View


  • Enhanced Search: MacroView’s extensive search capabilities supercharge SharePoint’s search, improving accuracy and speed.

Document Control and Automation:

  • Granular Version Control: MacroView allows for more precise control over document versions and revisions including the ability to rollback to an earlier version.
  • Automated Metadata: Simplifies the process of tagging emails & documents with metadata, ensuring consistency and data integrity. 

Macroview Leverage Advanced Search And Metadata Features To Find And Access Critical Information Quickly


Compliance and Security:

  • Retention Policies: MacroView helps enforce retention policies, crucial for compliance.
  • Secure Sharing: Control who can view, edit, and share documents with granular permissions. 

Email Management:

  • Integration: MacroView seamlessly integrates email management into Outlook, facilitating email archiving and retrieval to SharePoint.
  • Capture: Easily capture and store emails and attachments centrally, reducing clutter in inboxes, and keeping the information accessible even when the user leaves the organisation. 

Macroview Access Migrated Emails Directly From Outlook



  • Tailored Solutions: MacroView can be customised to meet specific business requirements, extending SharePoint’s capabilities. 

So, is SharePoint enough by itself? For many, adding MacroView DMS makes it a powerful combo. It helps companies manage documents better, making work smoother and more organised. 

Whether it’s making it simpler to use, improving file control, following rules, or working better with emails, MacroView DMS boosts what SharePoint can do. 

In short, if you want to get the most out of SharePoint, MacroView DMS is the way to go. 

Supercharge SharePoint with MacroView DMS.

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