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In the spotlight: Elaine Dalgarno, Customer Success Manager


MacroView Elaine Dalgarno


In our spotlight series, MacroView employees shine bright. Meet Elaine Dalgarno, our exceptional Customer Success Manager. She’s dedicated to ensuring our clients’ success and brings passion and expertise to every interaction. Get ready to learn more about Elaine’s journey and why she’s a key part of our team’s success.

Q1: Can you share a bit of your journey to become a Sales and Implementation Consultant at MacroView? 

Sure thing! My journey to becoming a Sales and Implementation Consultant at MacroView has been quite fulfilling. I started with the company in January 2019 as an Implementation Consultant, bringing over 20 years of experience in the legal industry. My expertise lies in implementing and upgrading DMS and CRM systems, coupled with providing comprehensive training and support. 

Initially, my role focused on ensuring smooth transitions for our clients during implementation projects. Over time, I expanded my responsibilities to assist our sales director in delivering software demos to potential clients worldwide. This gave me a holistic view of our clients’ journey, from pre-sales interactions to post-implementation support. It’s been a rewarding experience, and I look forward to continuing to contribute to our clients’ success at MacroView. 


Q2: What excites you the most about your role at MacroView and the document management industry?

What excites me most about my role at MacroView and in the document management industry is the opportunity to help organisations worldwide to make the most of the software they are using. With over 20 years of consulting experience, I enjoy connecting with people globally to show them how our software can help their organisation to be more organised, boost productivity, and internal processes. It’s fulfilling to demonstrate how easily MacroView enables users to save emails and documents to SharePoint and utilise MacroView’s powerful search functionalities. 

Q3: As someone who speaks directly to our customers, what do you think distinguishes MacroView in the email & document management systems market?

MacroView offers intuitive and easy to understand configurable solutions to save emails and documents to SharePoint from within the Microsoft Office applications i.e. Outlook, Word, Excel, etc. The data is uploaded to the organisation’s SharePoint tenant, unlike some other DMS solutions where the data is hosted in their data centres. Having worked with other DMS providers, our pricing distinguishes MacroView in email and document management. Included with all our solutions, we provide a provisioning tool which quickly and easily creates all the columns, content types and Microsoft Office views in SharePoint required for our solutions. 

Q4: What are the most mentioned pain points clients faced before MacroView?

Before adopting MacroView, clients often struggled with saving emails to SharePoint and lacked the ability to perform essential actions like opening emails from SharePoint, replying or forwarding directly from SharePoint. However, MacroView DMS resolves these pain points by providing a seamless experience where opening, previewing, and responding to emails from SharePoint mirrors the familiarity of using Outlook. 

Q5: What do you think about MacroView’s upcoming product?

I think it’s great. This product will make it easier to collaborate in Microsoft Teams, improving the way we work with SharePoint Online and OneDrive. It offers a simple tree-view structure, reduces duplicate files, and lets us share file links in Teams chat while also saving files directly from chat. Eagerly waiting for our clients to experience it. 


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