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Ensure Consistency and Compliance for emails stored in SharePoint, with MacroView Standardiser 


Picture this: you’re searching for that one crucial email that you have previously saved to SharePoint. You know it’s there somewhere, but the endless scroll and fruitless searches leave you frustrated. If this scenario feels all too familiar, you’re not alone.  

Storing emails in SharePoint has become commonplace for modern organisations as it offers robust data retention, compliance, and productivity enhancements. However, disorganised and improper classifications of emails stored in SharePoint is a common headache but it doesn’t have to be with MacroView Standardiser.

MacroView Standardiser updates the structure of document libraries in SharePoint, so they’re ready to manage Outlook emails. It does this by adding MacroView standard content types and views to the libraries. MacroView Standardiser works through all the emails in those libraries, standardising their naming, and their metadata treatment. It records the attributes of each email as metadata using the MacroView standard content types. 

Extract, Record, and Remove for Optimal Efficiency 


Imagine a tool that automatically extracts and records email metadata while intelligently removing duplicates. That’s exactly what MacroView Standardiser brings to the table. By capturing essential information from your emails, it ensures that your search for that important correspondence is not a needle-in-a-haystack situation. 

Macroview Minimise Storage By Removing Duplicates

Macroview Minimise Storage By Removing Duplicates

The Power of Search and Filtering 

One of the standout features of MacroView Standardiser is its enhanced search and filtering capabilities. Here’s a glimpse of what it offers: 

  • Email View: See your emails displayed just as they are in Outlook, for a familiar and intuitive experience. 
  • Filtering and Sorting: Easily filter and sort emails based on any property such as To, From, Subject, and more. This makes finding specific emails a breeze. 
  • Content and Metadata Search: Dive deep into your email archives with the ability to search both content and metadata. No more endless scrolling through threads! 

Effortless Integration and User-Friendly Design 


MacroView Standardiser isn’t just powerful; it’s also remarkably user-friendly: 

  • Windows Compatibility: Access and run it from any Windows computer, ensuring flexibility and convenience. 
  • Provisioning Options: Process emails for specific sites, libraries, or even individual emails within a library, giving you tailored control. 
  • Configuration Ease: Automatically add the email content type and view to existing document libraries, streamlining your setup process. 
  • Automated Tasks: From capturing email metadata to removing duplicates, many tasks are automated, saving you valuable time. 
Macroview Functionality Standardiser Process Libraries Standardiser Specific Library Selection

Macroview Functionality Standardiser Process Libraries Standardiser Specific Library Selection

Macroview Functionality Standardiser Batch Processing Standardiser Batch File Creation

Macroview Functionality Standardiser Batch Processing Standardiser Batch File Creation

Seamlessly Scale with Your Needs 


Whether you’re a small team or a large enterprise, MacroView Standardiser is designed to scale: 

  • Batch Processing: Handle any number of sites and libraries with ease, ensuring efficient email management even in large environments. 
  • Duplicate Removal: Save on storage space by automatically removing duplicates, keeping your SharePoint clean and clutter-free. 
  • Error Handling: Robust error handling and reporting features ensure that you stay informed about the process every step of the way. 

Say goodbye to email chaos and hello to streamlined efficiency with MacroView Standardiser!

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