Anita Fritz

Emails and Documents Together in SharePoint

“The biggest reason for moving was being able to see email and documents in the same place.
In SharePoint you need separate email filing”

Paul Greenwood, Chief Information Officer, Clifford Chance, commenting on why his firm decided to move from SharePoint to iManage.

SharePoint does NOT have to be like that, Paul.


MacroView makes it easy to save both emails and documents to the same area in SharePoint.

That’s both SharePoint Online and on-premises SharePoint Server.

How easy? You can drag and drop one or multiple emails and / or attachments to ANY SharePoint area for which you have permission. The MacroView software automatically discovers all such areas and displays them in an accurate tree-view, conveniently located on the right-side of the main Outlook Mail window.

MacroView pane on the right of the Outlook Mail window displays the structure of an Office 365 tenant. Clicking an area displays the default view, which contains both documents and emails. Note formatted preview of a selected email.

The MacroView software does extensive automatic metadata recording, so that in a typical implementation you are not prompted for metadata as you save an email.

MacroView also makes it easy to search for emails and documents in SharePoint using their metadata and / or their content WHILE YOU WORK IN OUTLOOK or other familiar business applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe Reader and Acrobat. If you prefer, you can also use a separate Windows-File-Explorer-like app.

Paul goes on to say:
“There’s also a number of different ways of accessing iManage: through a traditional web browser; through Outlook or through a folder on your laptop.”

You guessed it – all these are also true for a MacroView + SharePoint solution!

For more details, contact MacroView Services.

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