Anita Fritz

Webinar: ECM Solution for Corporate Legal Departments

Corporate Legal departments require a solution for Case and Matter management that is designed to work seamlessly within their organization.

MacroView Case & Matter provides the functionality and user experience that your legal department users require, while at the same time being based on the SharePoint platform that your corporate IT already knows and manages.



MacroView Case & Matter fits within your workflow and helps you avoid the added cost of additional IT support.

View a recording of a joint webinar by MicroStrategies and MacroView that shows how the MacroView Case & Matter solution bridges the gap between the native document management capabilities of SharePoint and the needs of the legal community.


James Hoare (MacroView) and Mitch Gabor (MicroStrategies) presenting at the webinar

Points covered during the webinar include how MacroView Case & Matter lets you:

  • Search for documents and emails the same way you search on other document management systems;
  • Navigate efficiently across a SharePoint-based document store;
  • Drag and drop to save emails, upload files from Windows folders and move files between areas in SharePoint;
  • Conveniently generate new documents and have them saved and profiled to Matter areas in SharePoint;
  • Enhance the user experience of Microsoft Matter Center;
  • Work with an intuitive solution that enhances your workflow using applications you already know.