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SharePoint migration made easy

Microsoft SharePoint stands out as a versatile document management system (DMS) that can transform the way you handle documents within your organisation. It simplifies document organisation, fosters remote work, and enhances productivity through features like granular permissions, version control, and workflow automation. 

Despite the compelling benefits of migrating to SharePoint, businesses often face challenges that hinder the transition such as the inability to migrate from Exchange Public Folders, concerns about potential loss of critical metadata, or worries about preserving content structures. 

 If your business has been holding back from migrating to SharePoint due to integration hurdles, you’re in the right place. In this blog, we’ll explore how to seamlessly migrate to SharePoint using tools like MacroView Migrator. 


The Migration Challenge 

Have you ever faced the daunting task of migrating large volumes of data from one location to another? If you have, you know that it can be a time-consuming and error-prone process. A seamless migration process isn’t just convenient, it’s crucial. Whether you’re moving files, documents, or emails, the proper transition to SharePoint is more than just copying and pasting files; it involves preserving folder structures, metadata, and preventing data loss. This is where MacroView Migrator comes to the rescue. 

The Migration Solution 

With MacroView Migrator, you can move to SharePoint from Windows File Share, Outlook, and Public Folders. It is designed for handling large volumes with ease, and its user-friendly configuration settings make the transition a breeze. 

1. Simple User Interface

No more struggling with complex migration tools. MacroView Migrator’s user-friendly interface will have you up and running in minutes. Say goodbye to steep learning curves. 

Macroview Fully Configurable Migration To Only Include Information You Need 2

 In image: Easy to use configuration settings 



2. Preserve Folder Structures

One of the pain points in data migration is preserving your existing folder structure. MacroView Migrator can migrate files within the existing hierarchy or provision an entirely different structure, giving you the flexibility you need. 

Macroview Transform A Folder Structure Into A Sharepoint Hierarchy 2

In image: Configure a custom SharePoint hierarchy


3. Automatic Metadata Capture 

Metadata is crucial for organising and categorising your data. MacroView Migrator ensures full fidelity to your destination content store, eliminating data loss concerns.

Macroview Automatically Capture Email Metadata For Easier Searching 2

In image: Map email meta-data to your own custom columns  



4. File and Folder Name Cleanup

Dealing with illegal characters in file and folder names can be frustrating. This tool removes illegal characters and prevents duplicate emails by using unique email filenames based on key metadata.



5. Scalability

MacroView Migrator is built for volume. It can handle multi-terabyte operations with ease. Plus, it includes pre-migration analysis, validation, and reporting to ensure a smooth migration process.



6. Configurability

Need advanced migration scenarios? MacroView Migrator is easily configurable and supports user-definable workflow logic, making it suitable for a wide range of migration needs.

Macroview Pre Built And Configurable Migration Workflows 2

In Image: Choose between workflows or create your own 



SharePoint migration doesn’t have to be a painful process that’s keeping you from moving. With MacroView Migrator, you can simplify the migration of files, documents, and emails while preserving folder structures, metadata, and data integrity. Say goodbye to the headaches and data loss nightmares associated with traditional migration methods. 



Pro tip: Once you’re migrated, adding a DMS (Document Management System) to the equation allows you to continue working with your migrated documents and emails the way you always have, directly from Office and Outlook. 


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MacroView Migrator makes it easy to move content from various sources like file shares, Outlook, and Public Folders and automates the setup of SharePoint sites, libraries, and folders in bulk, saving you time.

MacroView Migrator configures SharePoint as you go, ensuring everything is set up correctly during the migration process.


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