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Digital Workplace Conference 2024: A Recap 

The picturesque city of Christchurch came alive last week for the 13th annual Digital Workplace Conference (DWCNZ)an exciting hub of ideas and discoveries. MacroView team were excited to be a part of the two information packed days filled with keynote presentations, workshops and live demos. It was the best opportunity to meet peers and discuss the latest trends, best practices and lessons learnt in digital transformations for modern workplaces. 


James at DWCNZ

(Our product manager, James Paola, took centre stage showcasing MacroViews approach to a streamlined and familiar way for users to engage with business processes built on Microsoft 365.) 


Here are some key points that stood out to us: 


  • The era of AI is here: Microsoft Copilot 

The buzz around Microsoft Copilot was palpable, and for good reason. This Chatbot/AI tool is reshaping productivity within Microsoft 365 apps. Did you know that there are already over 90 versions of Copilot seamlessly integrated across a range of Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, and Power Automate? We certainly didn’t until this conference! 



  • Data quality matters 

One resounding message echoed throughout the conference: data quality matters. AI success in business is largely dependant on data quality. The old adage holds true “garbage in, garbage out”. Data should be centrally stored, structured and appropriately categorised. To fully harness the power of Copilot within your Microsoft 365 tenant (SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, etc.), having good, accurate data is essential. 

This is great news for MacroView DMS customers as MacroView DMS ensures metadata tagging on standard document and email metadata by default. The software encourages users to fill in metadata properties by prompting them before files are saved in an easy to use interface. This helps to maintain data integrity. 


  • Enhanced synergy and integration 

Microsoft’s offerings are becoming more integrated, blurring the lines between their various platforms. There’s an increasing synergy across the Power platform, with SharePoint becoming more mainstream and accessible. 


  • Ensuring correct user permissions  

Another crucial aspect emphasised was the importance of correct user permissions. Properly configured user permissions ensure that users only access what is intended for them. 

This is vital, as Copilot’s results are tailored based on the information and files accessible to the user based on their permissions in Microsoft 365. 

For example, Tim from IT was added to a Team to help with a support task. Later, he asks Copilot to get a list of all recently modified documents and inadvertently retrieves a confidential document from that Team, which was not intended for him. 

The sessions were packed with latest trends, best practices and lessons in digital transformations for modern workplaces.



The awards dinner was spectacular, with peer recognition for most impactful digital transformational projects and innovative solutions.

DWCNZ dinner

MacroView at DWCNZ

MacroView at the conference


We had a fantastic time engaging with attendees eager to streamline their email and document management. Our focus was on practical solutions, like how to find and file emails and documents in SharePoint efficiently. 

At our booth, we showcased our DMS software with hands-on demos, tackling real-world challenges many are facing today.  

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