Anita Fritz

Touch and See How MacroView Solutions Improve User Adoption of SharePoint

Below is a screen shot of our new Awesome User eXperience Kiosk.

By clicking an image on the kiosk you can play a short video.

There are 12 images – each corresponding to an aspect of working with documents and emails.


Background to the Awesome User eXperience Kiosk  

MacroView has been creating document solutions for business users for over 20 years!

Along the way we have discovered a great deal about how business users prefer to work with documents.

When we say ‘Documents’, we mean any form of electronic document that you can create or use with Microsoft Office or Adobe Reader – the applications where business users spend so much of their time.

That includes Outlook emails, attachments and PDFs, as well as Word documents, Excel workbooks and PowerPoint presentations.

We believe that the best way to deliver document solutions is to combine Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint.

Behind the scenes our document solutions use SharePoint – either SharePoint Online or On-Premises – to handle storing and searching for documents – because SharePoint is a platform that most organizations already have in place.

But our document solutions let business users work in Microsoft Office – in our experience that’s where business users prefer to work with documents

At our Awesome User eXperience kiosk you can touch and see for yourself 12 ways MacroView can improve business user adoption of SharePoint as the way to manage documents and emails.

The Awesome User eXperience Kiosk will be at the MacroView booth (#12) at the European SharePoint Conference in Vienna, November 14 – 17.