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Accelerate SharePoint site creation with MacroView Provisioner 


Creating large SharePoint environments that involve hundreds of sites and thousands of libraries shouldn’t be a time-consuming process filled with manual steps. Every moment saved boosts productivity and efficiency. This is especially true in document management, a crucial aspect of any organisation.  

Fortunately, MacroView Provisioner is designed to give SharePoint administrators the power they need to author and automate the provisioning of SharePoint environments.

What is MacroView Provisioner? 

MacroView Provisioner enhances SharePoint’s capabilities, offering bulk provisioning of SharePoint sites, libraries, and folder structures ready for document and email storage. It simplifies document creation, management, and classification within SharePoint. 


Key Features and Benefits: 

  • Bulk Provisioning and Line of Business Integration: Save time and effort with bulk provisioning for administrators. Seamlessly integrate with your line of business system for smooth operations.



  • Provision standard MacroView DMS solutions: Instantly access and deploy standard MacroView solutions, reducing setup time and ensuring efficient document management.



  • Customise your own designs with MacroView: Tailor SharePoint sites, libraries, and folder structures to your exact needs. Enjoy flexibility and control over your document organisation.


  • Generate a wide range of SharePoint items with ease, including Teams channels, sites, libraries, content types, document sets etc. Streamline the creation process and enhance productivity.



  • Use the console application or integrate with your business system: Use the included console application for quick and intuitive management. Simplify complex tasks and empower your team with user-friendly tools. 


Enhance Your SharePoint Experience


  • Standardise your SharePoint environment with MacroView Standardiser: Ensure consistency and compliance across your SharePoint sites. Simplify management and reduce errors with standardised templates.
  • Simplify migrations with MacroView Migrator: Effortlessly migrate documents and data to SharePoint. Minimise downtime and ensure a smooth transition with MacroView’s migration tools. 

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