Anita Fritz

14 Things I Like in MacroView DMF v8.3

There are around 100 improvements included in MacroView DMF v8.3. Here are 14 that I believe are the most noteworthy:

Streamlined activation of licenses for SharePoint Online and Client Side Only

The MacroView Options> Servers dialog now displays the status of the MacroView DMF licence – e.g. Licenced

You can initiate the activation of a SharePoint Online (O365) or Client Side Only license directly from that dialog.

Client Side Only servers no longer need to be published to the internet in order to activate their licence.

Improved support for Group By views

Item counts displayed for each header item.

Grouping by Date / Time fields now supported.

Faster searching for documents and emails in both SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Premises.

Quicker display of results when you click the Search button in a MacroView Search panel.

Significantly faster display of right-click menus for items in SharePoint Online file lists.

In some situations several seconds have been shaved off the response time when you right-click.

Improved support for copying and moving files between SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Premises.

Great news if you are using a Hybrid environment – e.g. Extranets powered by SharePoint Online (O365) and main document store running on SharePoint Server On-premises.

Enhancements to right-click, Version History in both SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-Premises.

Version History now available by right-clicking a file in a SharePoint Online file list.

You can refresh the display of versions without right-clicking the file again in the file list.

Improved support for fully automatic filing of both received and sent emails.

Incoming emails that cannot be auto-filed as they arrive (e.g. because a metadata capture dialog needs to be displayed) are marked as Not Auto-Filed, so that you can attend to them later.

Fully-Automatic filing of sent emails by Predictive Email Filing works if Save on Send is ON.

Can now control whether Predictive Email Filing tags are issued for particular servers (web applications).

You can also indicate which On-premises SharePoint server will be used to store the generated tags.

Upload /download progress dialog now displayed for users with Remote Desktop sessions on Windows Server 8 R2.

Previously this dialog was not displayed for Remote Desktop Services users.

Create Folder no longer displayed on right-click if Make “New Folder” command available? is No in the web browser UI.

Previously this MacroView setting was independent of the setting in the SharePoint web browser UI.

Protocol Handler links now supported when default mode is Favorites.

Good news for anyone using Protocol Handler links to streamline integration with a Line-Of-Business application.

Metadata-based searching is now supported for Foundation 2013 implementations.

By using Client Side Only mode you can now enjoy the great MacroView search experience even when you are using the ‘free’ version of SharePoint.

Support for filenames containing Japanese characters when checking out and inserting attachments.

Thanks to our Japanese users for alerting us to this need.

Various enhancements to Take Offline:

* Take individual files offline for edit.

* Offline location can now support Dropbox and other cloud service providers such as Google drive and Box.

* Manage Offline Files now conveniently available on the backstage in DMF Explorer and on the MacroView ribbon in Outlook.

You can also check the Release Notes.

If you have any questions, contact your MacroView Partner or MacroView Services.