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10 Practical Ways to Improve Sales Processes with a Document Management System

In the high-speed world of sales, where every minute counts, efficiency and organisation are not just buzzwords—they are essential for success. According to a report, 60% of a sales rep’s working week is spent emailing. So, imagine if you could streamline those processes, spending less time searching for documents and more time building relationships and closing deals.  

This is where a Document Management System (DMS) steps in as your sales ally, ready to revolutionise your workflows. Let’s get into the practical ways a Document Management System like MacroView DMS can supercharge your sales game with real-world scenarios: 

Macroview Dms Tree View

1. Time-Saving Navigation  


How: Exclusive to MacroView, this DMS offers a familiar tree-view structure, making it easy to navigate your SharePoint and store your emails and documents. 


Scenario: Picture this: You’re hunting for a crucial sales presentation buried in SharePoint. With MacroView’s tree-view, you can swiftly locate the right folder, saving precious time for more important tasks. The DMS makes it easy to store your documents and emails by client.  


2. Drag & Drop Documents, Emails, and Attachments


How: A DMS allows you to drag and drop files directly into SharePoint. 


Scenario: You receive an important contract via email. Simply drag the attachment to the designated folder in SharePoint using MacroView DMS, and it’s securely saved without the hassle of manual uploads. 

Outlook Drag And Drop V8.4 X1024

3. Efficient Document Creation


How: Create reusable templates for sales proposals and other documents, saving time and ensuring consistency. 


Scenario: A DMS allows you to store and update master proposal templates. When a sales rep needs to create a new proposal, they can quickly access the template, customise it for the client, and send it out, reducing the time spent on manual formatting. A (good) DMS is all about efficiency!

4. Save Directly from Office and Adobe Tools 


How: A DMS lets you save files from Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe tools directly to SharePoint. 


Scenario: You‘ve just finished updating a client proposal in Word. Click the MacroView Save Icon, and it’s instantly stored in the right SharePoint folder, ensuring everyone has access to the latest version. 

Macroview Leverage Advanced Search And Metadata Features To Find And Access Critical Information Quickly

5. Automatic Metadata Capture


How: A DMS captures metadata automatically, reducing manual data entry. 


Scenario: Imagine uploading a sales report. MacroView DMS automatically pulls key details like client name, date, and project type, saving you from tediously inputting this information.

6. Efficient Search and Filter Options


How: A DMS allows you to filter, sort, and search based on metadata, helping you find files in a flash.


Scenario: You need to find a specific contract among hundreds. Using MacroView DMS’s search to look for the client’s name or contract date, instantly narrows down the results for quick access.

MacroView DMS makes finding documents and emails faster with metadata based search

7. Automated Email Filing


How: With a DMS, you can set rules to automatically file incoming and outgoing emails.


Scenario: An important email thread with a client? No problem. Configure MacroView DMS to file all emails with that client’s name directly into the designated SharePoint folder, keeping communication organised.

8. Record Version Comments, View History and Restore Previous Versions


How: MacroView DMS lets you add version comments, view the history of a document and easily restore previous versions of documents if needed.



  1. Uh-oh, you accidentally deleted important content from a contract. No sweat. MacroView DMS’s “Restore Previous Version” feature lets you roll back to the correct version in a few clicks.
  2. You make changes to a sales proposal, and your manager needs to review previous versions. Our document management system’s version history shows all edits with comments, allowing for easy comparison and collaboration. 

Macroview Fully Configurable Migration To Only Include Information You Need 2

9. Highly Configurable System


How: MacroView DMS is highly configurable and customisable to suit your specific requirements.


Scenario: Every sales team is different. With MacroView, you can tailor the DMS to match your unique workflows, folder structures, and metadata fields, ensuring it fits seamlessly into your sales processes.

10. Streamlined Collaboration and Approval Processes

How: A DMS enables seamless collaboration by allowing multiple users to work on documents simultaneously. 


Scenario: Your team is working on a sales pitch presentation. With MacroView DMS, multiple team members can edit slides simultaneously, saving time and ensuring everyone’s input is captured in real-time. 



In conclusion, a Document Management System isn’t just a tool for organising files; it’s a game-changer for sales teams. By integrating a DMS like MacroView DMS into your sales processes, you can save time, improve client interactions, and ultimately boost sales performance. 

Improve Your Sales Processes with MacroView DMS.

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